Pianist Rabbi David Lipson and violinist Lior Kaminetsky

The community is invited to the yearly Chamber Music Concert in Lawrence to benefit Aliyos Shlomo of Jerusalem. Besides being one of the most prestigious English-speaking kollelim in Israel, Aliyos Shlomo is the only one to bring you world-class musicians playing the masterpieces of the repertoire, right in your neighborhood.

Join on motzaei Shabbos November 10, at 8:30 p.m. at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Kupferstein, 45 Washington Avenue South, in Lawrence, for a memorable experience. The rosh kollel, Rabbi Dovid Lipson, will be at the piano, accompanied by the world-famous violinist Eric Grossman and world-famous cellist Lanny Paykin, in piano trios of Schubert and Brahms.

Don’t miss the cultural event of the year for the Five Towns Jewish community.


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