Valerie Jarrett

By Larry Gordon

Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett

Mayor de Blasio’s emotional response to the wanton, execution-style murder of two police officers in Brooklyn last week seems, in retrospect, to be something other than immediate and reflexive. The news is that the de Blasio reaction to the killings was directed and choreographed by none other than chief Obama adviser and strategist Valerie Jarrett.

Ms. Jarrett, a confidante of Obama going back to his pre-presidential years, has developed the scripted response to other governmental crises like the IRS’s targeting of nonprofit organizations and its loss of e‑mails, the Benghazi embassy assault and murder of our ambassador, the VA scandal, and more.

Her thought process on this matter and others is usually to exploit the psyche, furnish emotional reactions, delay any real response, and rely on the public’s naturally short attention span and attachment to the daily news cycle. It appears that once she discovered it would take at least a week to bury officers Ramos and Liu, she urged both the mayor and Police Commissioner William Bratton to ask for calm and a moratorium on protests, at least until the funerals of both officers were over.

De Blasio and Bratton repeated throughout those trying days after the murders that the city and the nation should allow the families to mourn without demonstrations. Jarrett knew from experience that all she had to get the mayor to do was to punt the crisis a few days down to Christmas and then there would be a natural pause as people’s priorities would be elsewhere.

Jarrett and the president maneuvered the Benghazi crisis in much the same way. In the immediate aftermath of the murder in Libya of our ambassador, Chris Stevens, and three others, press secretary Jay Carney was sent to tell the press that it is too early to know what happened in Benghazi but that the administration had launched an investigation and as soon as they know, we will know. It has been two-and-a-half years and we are still waiting for the definitive word on what actually happened there on September 11, 2012.

Her first effort to get then UN Ambassador Susan Rice to say on no less than five news programs that the attack was precipitated by an amateur video posted on YouTube did not go so well.

This is the strategy in all the Obama-based crises. Stonewall and delay, push the matter ahead, say it is being looked into, and let the time pass. I’ve watched the video of Mayor de Blasio several times. In it he beseeches New Yorkers, especially the street protesters and race-baiters like Al Sharpton, not to cool or reduce the rhetoric, but to set it aside, delay it, ostensibly to let the families and the city mourn in peace and without violent rhetoric or disruptions.

The way this formula worked with Benghazi and several other crises was that through a combination of supposed painstaking investigation and the extended period of time that it takes for a government bureaucracy to get anything done, interested parties and especially those applying the most pressure will ease that pressure, get distracted by other things, and possibly even forget.

And this is an America that has had its national thought process distracted and manipulated by media schedules and news cycles. It seems that the public always needs something new to get excited or angry about. When our ambassador is murdered by terrorists or two cops are executed on a Brooklyn street corner, there is plenty to be emotional about. Not much, however, can be accomplished or even dealt with in the heat of the moment.

This idea that there is an institutional racist attitude toward policing by the NYPD is part of the big lie being propagated by those with an economic interest in maintaining hostility and disorder between police and minorities. Eighty percent of all crime in New York is perpetrated by African-Americans, so of course they are going to be the focus of a high amount of anti-crime activity.

The later part of the Obama-Jarrett formula on how to handle a crisis is that after several months lapse and reporters are still pressing for details or the outcome of an investigation, those questioned respond with a bewildered, blank look. Several months after Benghazi, Mr. Carney was being pressed by a reporter on findings and he just offered a baffled look. And that is the case today, two-and-a-half years down the road. Back then, a few months after the events, Carney responded to the reporter, incredulously saying, “Oh, you want to know about that. But that happened such a long time ago.”

And that is the likely Obama administration-crafted de Blasio plan. Watch him get through the funerals and the periods of mourning for the families, murmuring that the murders happened a while ago and he’s not sure why the press is still asking about it.

This is a great formula for those seeking to shirk responsibility for difficult and even devastating events. But somehow this approach never seems to work for the State of Israel. It’s not that Israel is necessarily looking to run away from anything, but the Obama strategy on obfuscating facts and confusing the masses seems to have plenty of place in the Middle East–just not in Israel.

There is not one war in Israel’s history, since her founding in 1948, about which any of her critics is willing to say, “Oh, that happened such a long time ago.” And that certainly goes for this past summer’s Operation Protective Edge, which happened way back in July. Well, if Operation Cast Lead from 2009 is still being analyzed and criticized, then this summer’s battle will certainly be on the agenda for a long time.

Let’s just pause for a moment to look at what is going on here. Last week, Egypt announced that it will not allow the new film Exodus: Gods and Kings to be shown in theaters in that country. The reason given by one foreign ministry official was that the film shows the Jews when they were enslaved in Egypt more than 3,300 years ago building the great pyramids.

The Egyptians say that it is just not true; the Jews did not build those gargantuan brick structures. Why the Torah goes to great lengths to describe in detail the demand of Pharaoh that the Jews manufacture bricks, from the Egyptian perspective is anyone’s guess. They couldn’t be building shopping malls or skyscraper buildings as no one had thought of these types of structures yet.

My guess is that the Jews who were subjected to torturous enslavement for 210 years did indeed build the pyramids, but if the Egyptians concede that point this could end up in the International Labor Court in a suit for back wages.

But that is not the point. Where is the courageous official at the UN, the U.S., or any other country involved, to speak out and say, “What, the pyramids? That was such a long time ago!”

Where was Valerie Jarrett when we needed her? Well, we know what she is busy with today. She has been devising ways not to explain why the U.S. military did not respond in Benghazi and how to delay reactions on all sides to the murder of two NYPD officers until we are distracted by the next crisis.

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