beri-weber-00137-copy beri-weber-berilive2-copyBy Rochelle Maruch Miller

They came, they sang, they celebrated in an exhilarating display of unity. At the recent Beri Live! Concert, held at Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall, the evening was a tremendous success. There was no conventional audience–and therein lies the story. More than merely an evening of entertainment featuring one of the most gifted performers on the Jewish music arena, Beri Live! afforded all in attendance a unique and inspirational spiritual journey guided by Beri Weber.

Personable and polished, Beri is a consummate professional, blessed with a gorgeous voice and a charismatic stage presence. As one of the hundreds of guests who had the pleasure of meeting this multitalented artist at the event, I can attest to the fact that he is truly deserving of his success.

This author has appreciated Beri’s vocal talents since the debut of his first album seven years ago; however, with the release of his latest album and his unprecedented performance at Beri Live! he has evolved into a master artist who has become the industry’s gold standard. Beri’s artistic genius was palpable throughout that magical evening, and the response was electrifying.

“There was no seating; everyone felt they were one with the band and making music together with Beri,” explained Eli Lax, who produced the concert and directed Beri Weber’s much-anticipated recently released album, Agudah Achas—One Heart.

“The usual setting for a show places the artist facing the audience,” Eli told this author. “Beri actually brought the idea of ‘One Heart’ into the show by creating a collaborative experience, where every person was an integral part.”

Blessed with an abundance of musical talent, Beri Weber began performing professionally at the tender age of seven. Raised in a musically gifted family, he often performed at family simchas and at local community events, captivating his audiences with his gorgeous voice. Such talent in so young a performer does not go unnoticed, and Beri was soon performing with such musical legends as MBD, Moshe Goldman, and Mendy Werdyger, among others. He was also the lead vocalist on one of the beloved Kinder Classics and on JEP.

In 2010, Beri recorded his first album, with five more following in the ensuing years. Agudah Achas—One Heart is his sixth album and represents his own journey. “All of my ideas come from within me, from inspiration throughout my journey,” Beri explained. “I would like my album to be a source of inspiration to look beyond the surface and not judge or label people as they appear to be, but to get to know them for who they are.”

With the release of his new album, Beri has expanded his musical horizons, offering the listener a veritable autobiography. Indeed, Agudah Achas is pure Beri, reflecting the artist’s authenticity, sensitivity, emunah, and sheer creative genius. It is a musical masterpiece, attesting to Beri’s painstaking efforts and uncompromised standards of excellence. Orchestrated to perfection, every note, composition, and even the artwork, reflect Beri’s heartfelt message of unity as well as his essence.

In this album, Beri takes the listener on a journey through several stages of the artist’s life, allowing one to musically experience these emotions.

“Agudah Achas demonstrates that Beri is so much more than a singer; he is an artist who paints a vivid picture with every song he sings,” says Eli. “And on this album, Beri has internalized each and every song.”

Blessed with a genuine artistic energy, Beri is attracting an ever-expanding fan base throughout the global Jewish community. The album features a range of music genres that appeal to music aficionados, who will find a track to relate to as their story, their song. The colorful tones of this album attest to Beri’s talent. Agudah Achas is Beri.

“The album is actually called BERI because every single aspect of it resonates him,” Eli explains. “Beri is a deeply spiritual person; One Heart is to inspire people to unify as one. Beri lives his life by example; in the morning, he is a rebbe for boys at risk; at night, he inspires through his music.”

Eli adds, “An inordinate amount of work went into the production of this album. Everything went through Beri; it was an insane amount of work, but the high quality of every aspect of the album makes it all worthwhile.”

Many were the long hours that Beri sat with several of the most talented composers in the Jewish music arena, as they collaborated on precise musical presentations reflecting aspects of his own life. Included among the consummate professionals who contributed to the superb quality of this musical achievement are Eli Lax, who managed and orchestrated the album; Mendy Hershkowitz & Chesky Breuer (otherwise known as Sonic-Duo), who produced the album; Yitzy Waldner; Pinky Webber; Mona Rosenbloom; Eli Klein; Udi Damari; Ami Cohen; and Yoely Dickman.

“We spent a tremendous amount of time with each song so that every detail would be perfect,” says Beri. “Each song is the story of yet another stage of my journey which I am using as a means of inspiration.”

Eli Lax views the album as a professional milestone for Beri. “This is a defining moment for Beri. He is not just a piece of the puzzle–he is the painter, the artist whose album conveys his message of unity, emunah, and hope.”

Says Beri, “The world is so much smaller because of social media. We are all part of Klal Yisrael. We have to come together and be united, no matter what our backgrounds.” And he hopes that Agudah Achas—One Heart will help inspire us all to take a step closer to that ideal.

Rochelle Maruch Miller, a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times, is a journalist, creative-media consultant, educator, and lecturer who writes for magazines, newspapers, and websites. She welcomes your comments at


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