Bezeq is a multi-billion dollar international telecommunications company.  Slichos are an early morning supplicatory addition that Orthodox Jews recite in the week before Rosh haShana.  Chareidim are bleary-eyed throught the day because of these early morning prayers.

Generally the two, Bezeq and Slichos, do not mix.

But in recent weeks Bezeq has been targeting Chareidi homes in communities throughout Israel with direct marketing of a new service — an early Slichos morning wakeup call — heavily discounted.

Apparently, the phone company thought this might be a good way to improve their bottom line and an interesting new method of marketing their wake-up service.

Bezeq is not new to innovation and out of the box thinking.  For example, a recent announcement revealed that Bezeq plans to invest billions of shekels in a fiber optic network.  The project, one of the most ambitious in Israel’s telecommunications industry, will replace the company’s copper wire network over 5-8 years.

This past Monday homes in Modiin and Nof Ayalon received a pre-programmed message for this service.


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