B&H at Lenox Hill Hospital


On Thursday, June 11, hundreds of medical staff members of Lenox Hill Hospitals were treated to a day of celebration and appreciation for their exceptional and dedicated service to the residents of New York City during the coronavirus pandemic.

The program began with the national anthem sung by Aron Gerstel. The Bridge Unity Band, led by international singers Ezzy Gluck and Levi Okunov, led the group of health professionals in beautiful songs of hope and gratitude.

The staff of B&H electronics presented beautiful gifts to all the staff. The entrance to Lenox Hill Hospital, 100 East 77th Street, was full of music, dancing, happiness, and beautiful energy as hundreds of Upper East Side residents came to join in the day of appreciation.

Mark Appel, one of the volunteers, described the emotional reactions of the community. “Seeing hundreds of the medical staff dancing with joy and happiness as New Yorkers join together to show gratitude to such angels brought sweet tears to all.”

The nurses and medical staff were so overwhelmed with joy and stayed around for hours dancing and mingling with the volunteers of B&H as the program came to an end.

Joining the program were Martin Witriol and Simon Sebag from the office of Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, as well as senior staff members of the hospital Peg Butler and Katie Greer.

A special thanks to the leadership of Northwell Health/Lenox Hill for leading and ensuring the best and compassionate health care to all patients during this coronavirus pandemic.


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