Once again Netanyahu is caving to extortion. He should not agree to release 1000 murderers from jail even though they have been there since before Oslo. After all, I don’t see the US releasing Pollard any time soon. He has been in jail for much longer and he didn’t kill anyone.

Effectively then, Abbas removes the precondition about borders which doesn’t mean that he won’t insist on the ’67 lines throughout negotiations. Netanyahu on the other hand releases many prisoners which is a tangeble concession and applies a freeze xcept for the settlement blocs which will last as long as the negotiations last.

Naft ali Bennett put it this way:

    “I’ve participated in dozens of negotiations in my life; never have I paid a price for the simple right to negotiate. If you want to sit and talk, by all means. I’m not about to pay for this sacred right to sit and talk to [Abbas].”

Ted Belman

Diplomats: Netanyahu ready to release Palestinian prisoners, Sources involved in talks with John Kerry say move would coincide with Abbas agreeing to back down from preconditions and return to the negotiating table


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to release a limited number of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas dropping the return to the ’67 lines as a precondition to resuming peace talks, diplomatic sources said Monday.

The sources, who took part in talks between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Netanyahu and Abbas, told Hebrew daily Maariv that Kerry was interested in granting both leaders political gains that would allow them to save face and return to the negotiating table.

The reciprocating steps would presumably allow both sides to present their constituents with tangible achievements. For Netanyahu, the release of prisoners, combined with the possible announcement of a construction freeze in West Bank settlements outside of the major blocs, could be presented as gestures to the Palestinians that don’t entail capitulating to their preconditions. For Abbas, the prisoner release – a highly sensitive issue on the Palestinian street – could be seen as a personal achievement of great magnitude that might justify resumption of negotiations.

The Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem declined to comment on the report.

The report came three days before Kerry is supposed to visit the region in continuing efforts to jump-start peace talks. According to the State Department, Kerry will visit Amman and Jerusalem to meet Israeli, Jordanian, and Palestinian officials during the three-day visit.

The diplomats described the developments as “meaningful progress” towards resuming peace talks, stressing that Kerry had postponed his visit to the region, which was originally scheduled to take place last week, precisely because he did not want to leave empty-handed, with both sides entrenched in their positions.

“These are critical days in the American effort to resume talks,” the sources said, stressing that the move would prevent a renewed Palestinian push for statehood at the UN and their following up on threats to go after …read more
Source: Israpundit


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