bibijpostBy Ted Belman

Early on in the game Bibi called for quiet for quiet. He got his cabinet to go along. Subsequently he expanded it to quiet for “long term quiet” which require something like the dismantling of the rocket capabilities inside Gaza, similar to the manner in which the chemical weapons were dismantled in Syria; developing a mechanism to enforce the cease-fire; and a restoration of Palestinian Authority — not Hamas — control over the area.

Right from the git go he should have demanded the demilitarization of Gaza. Nothing less would do. He should have said that we wouldn’t stop the the IDF until it had been achieved militarily or diplomatically.

Instead he postures as someone wanting a ceasefire. Wrong. If the world can demand the removal of Chemical weapons from Syria, Surely Israel can demand demilitarization.

He is demanding demilitarization in Judea and Samaria, now and as part of a deal. Similarly he should demand the same from Has.

This offensive should be all about achievng demilitarization, not quiet or even extended quiet.

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