Food For Thought At Brandeis The Brandeis School fourth-grade students in Donna Weiss’s class worked together to build food chains


Wounded IDF Soldiers Visit Brandeis Students

Niv Keshet and Liran Baruch present to Brandeis students

On Tuesday, November 12, wounded IDF soldiers Niv Keshet and Liran Baruch visited The Brandeis School on behalf of El Ami, a nonprofit organization that financially supports those injured during combat in Israel and also strives to enhance the connection to the Jewish identity through joint meetings around Jewish sources in a joyful and enlightened environment. Soldiers expressed their continued support for Israel and recounted their experiences and injuries while protecting their nation.

Schoolwide Havdallah Ceremony

Schoolwide Havdallah Ceremony at Brandeis

Brandeis hosted a schoolwide Havdallah event for children and parents. Dozens of families participated in a beautiful evening filled with meaning and soulfulness. Each child had the opportunity to make his or her own Havdallah candle and besamim kit. Throughout the last week, students learned all about this special mitzvah and decorated cards with the prayers and blessings on them. At the event, they each put three glow-in-the-dark stars on their Havdallah blessing cards as a way to remember that Shabbat is over when there are three stars in the sky. Next, all of the children and parents gathered together for a musical Havdallah ceremony led by Rabbi Haimoff on his guitar. It was so moving to hear the children unite and sing the Havdallah song they have been practicing all week. After singing a few more songs by the candlelight, the children were given glow sticks and danced to Israeli music. It was an uplifting and unforgettable experience!

First Graders Celebrate at Chagigat HaSiddur

Brandeis 1st Graders Celebrate at Chagigat HaSiddur

On Friday, November 8, Brandeis first grade students and their loved ones celebrated the receipt of their first Siddur. Students entertained guests with a beautiful presentation full of song that expressed the children’s excitement on this momentous occasion. With the musical accompaniment of Mr. Zvi Lampert, the program, arranged by the first-grade morot, was truly a wonderful celebration.

Collaborative Creation

Collaborative Creation at the Brandeis School

This mural, which is displayed in the art room of The Brandeis School, is a collaborative creation by third- through eighth-grade students. Each student created a monochromatic patterned paper which was then pieced together to create a replica of The Great Wave of Kanagawa by Hokusai.


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