kosherbiking(Brooklyn, NY) A group of cyclists, ages ranging 17-60 will be cycling across the country this summer to benefit the Friendship Circle and raise money for children with special needs.

“Investors Bank Bike 4 Friendship” an annual cross-country bicycle trip, will take a
group of cyclists on a 3,100 mile journey across the continent to benefit Friendship Circle  International, a Jewish organization that benefits children with special needs by giving them the priceless gift of friendship.

The bikers plan to set out on Sunday, July 6th with local supporters was able to bike alongside the cross-country riders for a portion of their journey. Averaging 85 miles a day, the cyclists will visit local Friendship Circle chapters in many of their visiting cities. Some of these local chapters have organized ride-along events to coincide with Bike-4-Friendship’s ride in the city.

Zalmy Perlman, founder of Investors Bank Bike 4 Friendship, views the biking adventure as more than just a platform for awareness. He sees the trek as an opportunity to unite Friendship Circle communities–nearly a hundred of them–across the United States and the world.

“We have participants flying in from all across the US, Israel, the UK and even Australia. The trip has been a real draw for people. In case biking across the country isn’t startling enough, Bike-4Friendship has an added ‘wow!’ factor. Here, the cyclists are not your typical prototypes. Cyclists range from school teachers, to college students, and even some dads, who all believe in the Friendship Circle’s message. They have undertaken this incredible physical endeavor in order to make a difference in lives of special needs kids.”

It won’t be the first or second time that Bike-4-Friendship takes over America. Three years ago, three rabbinical students pioneered this trip in an effort to test out if their idea would actually work.

“It’s been pretty cool to watch how this idea – which started as a conversation in a pizza shop in Jerusalem – has grown into this massive ride,” Perlman said. “Since the story got out there, we have seen a tremendous response. So many other people have contacted us wanting to participate in some way. It’s on every cyclist’s bucket list to bike across the country and it’s motivating for people to link this huge achievement to a higher purpose.”

“One of the most amazing things about biking across country is breaking through
limitations,” Perlman added. “It’s what we do here in the Friendship Circle every day – breaking through the differences to unite people.”

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About the Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle is today’s fastest growing Jewish organization for children with special needs. With over 92 locations worldwide the Friendship Circle has cultivated friendships between 5,000 special children and close to 11,000 teen volunteers.

The Friendship Circle’s unique approach brings together teenage volunteers and children with special needs for hours of fun and friendship. These shared experiences empower the children, our special friends, while enriching the lives of everyone involved. For more information, visit


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