The BINA organization is hosting a Disability and Rehabilitation Expo on Tuesday, May 1, 6:00-9:00 p.m. at the centrally located Palace Hall at 780 McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn.

The world of disability and a comprehensive continuum of the rehabilitation system will be represented by a broad range of exhibitors who have reserved space at the expo. Vendors include both past participants in previous BINA expos, as well as a new and exciting variety of companies, facilities, devices, and therapies.

Inpatient facilities at the acute, subacute, and post-acute levels, both adult and pediatric, as well as LTAC, vent, and on-site dialysis units, will be exhibiting, along with leading outpatient therapists and centers, both private and facility-based.

Home care agencies, Medicaid enrollment specialists, attorneys, and agencies covering a wide array of services to the disabled population including the developmentally disabled will be available to answer questions about their services and explain the intricacies of their respective specialty areas.

Specialists from a prominent hospital-based Brain and Spine Center will present information about their neurological and neuropsychological services which encompass post-concussion and traumatic brain injury. Representatives of companies with cutting edge rehabilitation technology and devices as well as both home and vehicle accessibility and driver rehabilitation will also be on hand to converse with participants on a one-to-one basis.

A special repeat feature of the expo will be the Stroke and Brain Injury Research and Clinical Trials section, where researchers and scientists from preeminent facilities and hospitals such as NYU-Rusk, Mount Sinai, Columbia, Cornell, Kessler, and Burke will share information on current research projects and clinical trials and be available to answer questions from attendees. This section has proven to be of great interest at past expos, with many people lining up for the rare opportunity to speak directly with the individuals who are at the forefront of advances in their fields.

Any individual with a disability or caring for a family member of any age with a disability is invited to attend this unique event. Admission is free, valet parking will be provided, and a wealth of information will be available to all those in attendance. For more information, please call 718-645-6400 or e-mail


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