Refusal to call for Secretary of State’s resignation casts doubt on Rice, Abrahams credentials

VALLEY STREAM, NY (April 30, 2014) — Bruce A. Blakeman, the Republican, Conservative and Independence designee for Congress in New York’s Fourth Congressional District, expressed his surprise and outrage at his opponents, Kathleen Rice and Kevan Abrahams, for failing to join him in calling for his Secretary of State John Kerry’s resignation.

    Kerry’s reckless and inflammatory language made five days ago to the Trilateral Commission raised the prospect of the State of Israel becoming “an apartheid state with second class citizens,” according to multiple international and national media outlets.

    Since Kerry’s statement, there has been no reaction from either Rice or Abrahams.

    Blakeman has publicly called on Kerry to resign.

    ”Both Kathleen and Kevan have shown a lack of understanding of Israel’s importance to America and its national interests or, at worst, they just don’t care,” said Blakeman.

    ”The State of Israel will always be the United States’ strongest ally in the region and remains the Middle East’s only democracy.  Kerry’s apartheid statement comes right at the heels of his comments in Germany this past February legitimizing the boycott, or BDS, of Israel saying that ‘for Israel, there has been an increasing de-legitimization.’

    ”These statements run counter to over 65 years of American foreign policy and run counter to America’s long- and short-term national interests abroad and at home. Kerry can no longer be an honest broker – he must resign,” Blakeman forcefully said.


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