Mrs. Traube’s class blasts into space at YOSS


The students in Mrs. Traube’s first-grade class in Yeshiva of South Shore have blasted into outer space with the new science and ELA integrated unit. It all started because they had been learning how to read clocks, and that led them to think about the concept of time itself. They all wondered: “We know that Hashem made the world … but how does it all work?”

So they’ve taken the time to learn about our solar system, with lots of new vocabulary, lots of writing, lots of projects, and lots of games. Even their phonics words match up, with the “oo” vowel team helping them read “moon”! The boys are fascinated with all of their new knowledge and understanding of our world, and enjoyed visiting the Cradle of Aviation Museum to see a show of “Astronaut Allie: First Kid Astronaut,” and seeing the lunar module exhibit afterwards.


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