By Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum

In the month of Nissan, when the trees begin to bloom, both men and women are obligated to recite a special once-a-year blessing. If missed, the blessing may be recited until the end of the month of Iyar. Trees must have visible indications of blossoming and must be open enough so that its white petals are easily seen. The blessing may be recited at night. A group of mitzvah activists have compiled a list of particular blossoming trees in observant neighborhoods so that residents will be able to easily find them. The following are locations in the immediate greater 5TJT metropolitan area:

Cedarhurst. 377 Church Avenue, pear tree in backyard; 579 Trysting Place, apple, cherry, and peach trees in front yard.

Far Rockaway. 640 Alonzo Road, at the corner of Virginia Street, cherry tree in front; 1254 Augustine Avenue, apricot tree; 443 Beach 7th Street, nectarine tree in backyard; 775 Cornaga Avenue, at the corner of Mador Court, apple and pear trees; 1066 Dickens Street, cherry tree; 773 Elvira Avenue, pear tree on right; 611 Elvira Avenue, pear tree in backyard; 135 Harris Street, pear tree at side; 520 Hicksville Road, cherry tree; 533 Hicksville Road, cherry tree in front; 659 Reeds Lane, apple and peach trees; and 1246 Sage Street, apple and pear trees at side.

Great Neck. 76 Berkshire Road, apple tree.

Lawrence. 1217 Doughty Boulevard, two cherry trees at curb; 23 Dillon Drive, pear tree at dead end; 160 Harbor View Drive, apple, peach, pear, and plum trees in side garden; 151 Harborview, apple tree in front; 1 Lord Avenue, fig tree on Broadway side; 1047 New McNeil Avenue, apricot and peach trees in back.

Lido Beach. 19 Eden Road, apple tree in front of garage.

Long Beach. 430 West Beech Street, grapevine, mulberry, peach, pear, and quince trees in front; and 605 East Beech Street, grapevine, apple and pear trees.

New Hyde Park. 47 Quaker Street, fig tree.

West Hempstead. 315 Plymouth Street, plum tree in back.

Woodmere. 361 Midwood Road, pear tree; 929 Peninsula Boulevard, cherry tree in front and pear tree in back; 6 North Strathmore Street, apple, cherry, and plum trees in front; and 1000 Westwood Road, cherry tree in front.

Forest Hills. 110-16 67th Road, apple trees in back; and 69-15 112th Street.

Kew Garden Hills. 141-05 72nd Avenue, apple tree in back; 141-09 72nd Avenue, pear tree in back; 138-12 76th Avenue, pear tree in back; 147-22 68th Drive; 147-15 70 Drive, cherry tree; 144-38 72nd Drive, pear tree; 144-48 72nd Drive, apple tree; 138-22 78th Drive, apple tree; 141-02 70th Road, pear tree at side; and 73-27 Park Drive East, apple tree.

Kew Gardens. 84-36 116th Street, apple tree; 85-13 117th Street, cherry tree at right; 84-16 123rd Street, pear tree; 138-72 76th Avenue, peach and pear tress in back; 85th Avenue at the corner of 124th Street; 116-18 85th Avenue, nectarine, peach, and plum trees; 117-03 Curzon Road, cherry tree; and 122-5 Metropolitan Avenue, pear tree.

The group, reachable at 718-854-4548, invites notification of additional locations and offers a beautiful berachah sign to hang near the qualifying tree.

Rabbi Gershon Tannenbaum is the rav of B’nai Israel of Linden Heights in Boro Park and director of the Rabbinical Alliance of America. Rabbi Tannenbaum can be contacted at v


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