Pick Wick was 9—0 going into the playoffs with Chabad and Beth Sholom in their way of the perfect season. On to the championship, Pick Wick goes up 1-0, but Beth Sholom answers with two runs to take the lead. And that is how it looked like it was going to end. Zeros keep going up on the board, as it was a real pitchers’ duel between Joe Eisenberger and Yehuda Konig.

It seemed Pick Wick’s last chance was going to be the sixth as the top of the order was up and they had a few chances to tie the game. But Beth Sholom stood their ground and helped them. Bottom of the seventh, Pick Wick with their last chance had Effraim Templeman lead off with a line-drive single. Next batter gets out and then Ari Bodner rips another single to make it first and second. Next batter gets out as it is now two outs.

Pick Wick didn’t know where to turn. Then they realized they had their vice president dressed in his fancy clothes on the sidelines. Dani Rosenthal, who decided not to dress for the game, was rooting his team on, till he got the call to get his shoes off and find a pair of cleats. In comes Dani. He takes the count to 3—2, then lines a single to tie the game.

Out of nowhere Ari Bodner is still hustling around the bases as he rounds third with the ball coming to the plate. The ball beats him, the tag is being made as he races to the plate, ball on the floor, and Pick Wick wins the championship!

There will be a gala kiddush this Shabbos at Congregation Ahavas Yisroel after davening to celebrate the win.


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