Mayor Bloomberg finally called the city’s rash of recent violence “unconscionable” as an aide said the NYPD is flooding crime-plagued neighborhoods with cops.

“As safe as our city is today, it is not safe enough. One shooting is one too many,” Bloomberg said at the Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Jamaica, Queens, as eight more people were shot yesterday, two fatally.

Bloomberg – who has suggested that the jump in crime is simply par for the course around July 4 – singled out the shooting of a 3-year-old Brooklyn boy on a Bedford-Stuyvesant playground on July 8.

“No parent can protect a child against a hail of bullets being fired on a playground on a Sunday afternoon. That is not the parent’s job; that is our job. It is our job as a city, as a country and as a society,” he said.

The crime jump is “just unconscionable and something that we should not allow to continue to go on.”

Sources said the NYPD has assigned more cops to the 79th Precinct in Brooklyn to search for the third suspect in the shooting of little Isaiah Rivera on a playground outside the Roosevelt Houses.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the department also is stepping up efforts to nail the shooters in a Queens triple homicide in which three men were cut down by an AK-47 knockoff on July 7 in a dispute over drugs. Narcotics investigators have been assigned to the shooting because of a possible link to Jamaican drug gangs, he said.

And more cops have been added to the manhunt for the thug who shot Housing Police Officer Brian Groves as he patrolled a Lower East Side high-rise project July 5.

Bloomberg appeared alongside state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) and the Rev. Floyd Flake, all supporters of the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk program.

“Twenty years ago, six people a day were murdered in our city. Today, it is only one person a day,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor blasted the NYCLU, which sued over stop-and-frisk.

“If the NYCLU is allowed to determine policing strategies in our city, many more children will grow up fatherless and many more children will not grow up at all,’’ he said.

NYCLU honcho Donna Lieberman fired back: “It’s a lot easier to trash the NYCLU than to acknowledge the widespread dissatisfaction the community feels with an NYPD that acts like it’s above the law.”

Source: The NY Post


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