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Global recession hit hard during 2009, wreaking havoc on the lives of individuals the world over. Many people lost their jobs. “People could no longer afford to maintain their lifestyles, the standard to which they had become accustomed to. So we decided to provide them with an option to make it affordable for them,” said Zelda Stein, the personable co-owner of Bnai Tzedukah Thrift Shop. “My husband and I brainstormed, and together with the help of many Jewish communities, opened a huge thrift store and named it Bnai Tzedukah. Since our store opened, we became widely known. We are inundated with donations on a daily basis, from stores, as well as from wonderful families, who receive a tax deduction for their donations. Proceeds help organizations in need.” Zelda adds, “We keep it within our Jewish family of needy recipients.”

For Zelda and her husband, Leibel, active members of our community, the most challenging aspect of their business is preparing the store for the following day. “We display new items every day, for those shoppers who love coming in each day–sometimes even twice a day!”

Unique in concept, the store exudes an aura of sophistication rarely found in thrift shops, setting the tone for a delightful shopping experience. Top-notch, personalized service, devoid of pressure, will help you find everything you need.

And what a treasure trove of fabulous items awaits you within the charming environs of Bnai Tzedukah Thrift Shop! Here you will find extensive designer collections. Shoppers love the stellar selection of tzniyus clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, men’s wear, kids’ apparel, gifts, antique furniture, area rugs, chandeliers, artwork, bric-a-brac, exercise equipment, video tapes, kitchenware, plus so much more.

Says Zelda, “Here at Bnai Tzedukah Thrift Shop, we know you work hard for your money. So spend it thriftily.”

Featuring unsurpassed service at prices 50% less than most cleanout services, Leibel’s House and Apartment Cleanout Service leaves your house, apartment, basement, or attic in immaculate, broom-swept condition. Affiliated with Bnai Tzedukah Thrift Shop, Leibel’s Cleanout Service services the Five Towns and the five boroughs to perfection. They will clean out your house or apartment, pick up donations of clothing, bric-a-brac, furniture, and other household items. Contact them to arrange for a tag sale. (See their ad on page 54 for information regarding Madeline Winn Tag Sales.)

Trust Leibel to ensure that your treasured family possessions are afforded proper placement. Call Leibel at 516-741-4761 (office) or 516-476-0845 (cell).

Bnai Tzedukah Thrift Shop is located at 203 Sheridan Boulevard, Inwood NY 11096. v


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