Bnos Malka Academy has hired Michael Salzbank as their new executive director and director of development. Mr. Salzbank’s résumé, which includes five years as the executive director at Mesivta Ateres Yaakov in Lawrence, also includes a 23-year career on Wall Street as a floor trader on various exchanges. BMA president Mr. David Berger explained, “We are very fortunate that Michael is willing to return to the not-for-profit world. To have someone of his caliber who knows the community so well is rare. I am confident that his experiences on Wall Street and Main Street (literally!) make him the ideal person to build upon our accomplishments here at Bnos Malka.”

The girls’ yeshiva, which began with just one class and 14 girls in 1996, now has its highest enrollment yet, with 346 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. While the majority of students come from the surrounding community of Kew Gardens Hills, under the leadership of the menahel, Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum, BMA attracts students from Great Neck, West Hempstead, and beyond. Salzbank explained his decision: “Bnos Malka has steadily and quietly developed into a premier institution. Typically, a new school goes through a number of iterations before they figure it out, who they are and what they are. The stability that Rabbi Weichselbaum and David have brought through the longevity in their roles is truly unique. More remarkable, though, is that their passion, their desire to be ‘ahead of the learning curve,’ is as fresh today as it was when they began.” Bnos Malka has been at the forefront of training teachers and implementing innovative techniques that are yielding superior results.

Rabbi Weichselbaum was also thrilled to learn that their new executive director has a 30-year history of organizing and developing youth programs in the community. “It is exciting to find someone who has the management skills and is so highly motivated to improve the welfare of Jewish children.”

Salzbank noted the challenges that face all yeshivas. “The tuition crisis that everyone bemoaned prior to the economic meltdown in 2008 hasn’t improved through the Great Recession. I am confident, though, that working with the board, the parent body, and the community, we can successfully meet those challenges and see continued success for the girls of Bnos Malka.” v


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