bengurHypocrisy is great. As you all know by now, the FAA grounded all USA airlines from flying into TLV because of the danger posed by the rocket attacks of Hamas. I’ll have a question for you in a minute…

Personally, this smells like politics to me. The FAA did not issue any grounding for the Gulf war, where there was no Iron Dome in place and rockets hit TLV regularly (I think 39 hit). But, Obama and Kerry want to push us into ANY ceasefire they can get, and this is just another form of pressure. Economic pressure, the only tool Obama seems to favor.

Back to the aforementioned question: According to our critics worldwide. the Iron Dome has effectively cancelled ALL the HAMAS rockets. Their assertion is that we should not have responded to the rockets because they pose NO EFFECTIVE RISK to Israel. If they pose no risk, why then, did the FAA just ground all US Airline flights into Tel Aviv because of the danger posed by……..HAMAS rockets?


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