katz222​I volunteer for Mishmar Ezrachi with the Bet Shemesh Police (auxiliary), which means that I do some patrols every couple weeks and do traffic control for major events. With all the rockets/military activity, it also means that there are extra shifts/jobs to be done.

I spent several hours tonight in a local shopping mall with another volunteer, former 5 Towner Jonah Kaszovitz​. We were there (along with soldiers from the Home Front Command) to help with security. Our most important task was to be visible, a reassuring presence to the shoppers (and several actually commented that they were happy to see us) and serve as extra pairs of eyes and ears for suspicious people/objects.

We were also there to help with crowd control in case of an alert, helping make sure everyone got into the designated shelters safely.

Thankfully it was a boring and quiet night. But I am happy to have done something to help out.


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