Bomb Shelter Selfie You can't take pizza from Moshe.

By Shmuel Katz in Bet Shemesh

Bomb Shelter Selfie You can't take pizza from Moshe.
Bomb Shelter Selfie
You can’t take pizza from Moshe.

I was chatting online with 5TJT publisher Larry Gordon when the news broke that the ground invasion of Gaza had begun. It was a development that we had been expecting, but still not sure was going to happen.

I am scared. Not for myself, but for the soldiers. We have thousands of young men (and women) involved in this battle and we do not know what is in store from them. Our enemies simply want them, and us, dead.

We have a nephew on active duty. Last we heard, he was in the area and we have no way of knowing if he is or is not actively involved in the fighting at this time. We fear for his safety.

His older brother was one of those called up for reserves duty and I think is currently stationed elsewhere in the country. We hope that the latest developments do not put him in danger.

Their cousin, another nephew, is (I believe) currently in training at a base somewhere. But in our family alone that’s 3 chayalim – one of whom is somewhere near or in Gaza. And there is hardly a family that does not have someone or a neighbor’s someone, in the army.

For most of our kids, the concern is much more personal. Some of them have friends whose fathers were called to the reserves. Or brothers/sisters of their friends. Yet for our older three, who have many many peers in active duty, the worry and concern is difficult.

Aliza has many friends that she is certain are right now under fire. At 18, almost all her friends who are currently in the army are in active battle service. Her first response, when we told her that the ground incursion had begun was, “nooooooooooo. My friends. All my friends. No. No. No.”

We share her concern. I can’t see that we had any other options. But it is still very scary when we think about those men.

May Hashem guard over them and bring them home, safe.


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