Mazal tov!

Aviva became a kallah last night!

Who was the shadchan?

Bonei Olam!

Many times, for a host of reasons, when it comes to shidduchim many girls and boys who have had to deal with issues in their past will have a hard time becoming engaged.

These are regular, intelligent, personable boys and girls, who happened to have had some sort of medical or genetic issue at some point in their life.

All those issues are behind them now, yet when it comes to a shidduch they need someone they can trust to assure them that they can — and should — proceed with the match.

Bonei Olam, with its unparalleled communal genetics knowledge has been that trusted friend and advisor to hundreds of people who are today happily married parents of children of their own!

Bonei Olam is not just the address for financial help, guidance, and support for infertility. Bonei Olam is there for Klal Yisrael’s families, in a variety of capacities.

Bonei Olam has the know-how to ensure that couples aren’t in jeopardy because of a shidduch. Bonei Olam has the compassion to facilitate these shidduchim with grace, dignity, and respect. Bonei Olam has the experience to direct each prospective zivug to the appropriate channels of information for their particular situation. Bonei Olam is steadfast in its commitment to Klal Yisrael’s families, no matter what! Mazal tov indeed!


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