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 Noson Hecht does not understand why more yeshiva students–that is, frum kids who graduated from our yeshivas–are not going into high-tech. Hecht, a resident of Woodsburgh in the Five Towns and a graduate of our New York yeshiva systems, has had his hands on a few innovative computer/Internet applications, otherwise known as “apps,” and now he has launched one that is about to revolutionize the car leasing industry.

“A couple of years ago, I was in the market for a new car and I ended up spending seven hours at a car dealer showroom, looking around, answering a salesman’s questions, and filling out paperwork,” he says. “After that experience I thought to myself, ‘There has to be a better way to do this.’”

Honcker.com is that better way.

Noson Hecht was in my office last week and it was not only a pleasure to talk with him, but to just sit opposite him and watch him think was something intriguing to behold. Hecht, 39, at times moved the conversation over to a more technical aspect of how the app was created, its supportive back end in Israel, and its way of revolutionizing the car leasing process. Then there was the matter of understanding and absorbing the process that makes the app so interesting and attractive to the consumer–that would be us.

First, it’s important to know that like just about all websites on the Internet, this one can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But it’s not like something that you buy on Amazon and it is delivered to you the next day in a nice little or not-so-little box. This is a car that we are talking about; UPS or FedEx cannot deliver in this particular instance.

For now Hecht says Honcker.com is functioning in a few states like New York, Florida, and California. Not coincidentally, these states statistically are where the concentration of most car leasing currently takes place.

So while that makes perfect sense, what is it that leads someone with this kind of ingenuity and vision of the future car market to sit down with the Five Towns Jewish Times about this story? OK, so Noson Hecht lives in our community, is a yeshiva graduate, and a talmid chacham. Well, surprisingly, but not really so, Hecht informs us during our talk that one of the areas with the highest concentration of leased cars in New York is right here in the Five Towns. He has studied the statistics thoroughly and reports that on an annual basis there are about 5,000 cars leased every year right here in our community and the immediate surrounding area. By any count, that is admittedly a lot of cars. Any car dealer would salivate over these numbers.

Basically, this is how it works. Download the app, which is available for use on Android and iPhone devices, and input your relevant information. Right up there on the screen there are three easy steps, with the fourth step being the delivery of your car to your home or office. As the Honcker website says, this is car leasing made easy in three easy steps–search and browse, choose your car, and submit the lease.

The important thing is that this innovative way to lease does away with the arduous and time-consuming process of figuring out the kind of car you might be interested in and then dealing with the often painful process of finding the best deal.

All within a short amount of time, you pick your car, the color, the interior, and the optional equipment you may or may not want. While you are doing that, the system is approving your credit application, and in record-breaking time you have your car parked in your driveway or wherever you prefer that it be delivered.

So I asked Noson Hecht, why didn’t anyone think about this before him? He shrugs his shoulders and says that he really does not have any answer to that query but while the process is not really different than booking airline tickets or renting a car online, there is a distinct uniqueness to the out-of-sight process that takes place behind the scenes.

The great thing about Honcker.com is that neither the manufacturers in Detroit or Japan nor the dealers in whatever city or town you live in are losing anything. On the contrary, thanks to Noson Hecht, they will be moving more cars on a regular basis than they ever could have dreamed of.

Here are some more detailed aspects of how the Honcker system works. You–the consumer–get the best and lowest possible price. Gone are the wild fluctuations in price that are quoted by the leasing brokers that on some cars can vary as much as a couple of hundred dollars.

Additionally, Noson points out that the Honcker system is able to get your lease approved without affecting your credit score. He is able to do this by making a soft inquiry of your creditworthiness without the credit industry standard reduction in your credit score whenever an inquiry is made.

Secondly, Honcker.com does away with the stack of papers that no one reads but that requires your signature prior to your taking delivery. And finally, the sterling beauty about this whole setup is that participating dealerships compete with one another which assures you, the consumer, get the leased car you need or are dreaming of for the best price in the market.

As you may have surmised, Noson is a brainy guy. He was in yeshiva in Israel at the height of the high-tech boom in that country and could not help noticing the brand-new industry that was taking off all around him. When he returned to New York, he established a semi-conductor business and shortly after that he developed his first app–Dstrux.

Dstrux is out there and can be downloaded for free. As best as I understand, this is exactly what the Internet world has been waiting for. This app allows you to reach out and erase an e-mail you send even after it is already in someone else’s inbox. It can do the same thing with instant messaging, Instagram, and several others forms of web communication. It sounds innovative and even revolutionary–not to mention all the embarrassing and humiliating situations it can prevent. One of the great features of Dstrux is that you can share a confidential file with someone and then pull it back and expunge it from their e-mail box when they are done. Dstrux will change the way people communicate online in the near future.

So now you know a little bit about how Noson Hecht thinks. And the additionally fascinating thing is that it took this young man getting the run-around in a car dealership to get something like Honcker.com going.

I shared with Noson my own car dealership experience. I was driving an Infiniti at the time–it was about three years ago–and the lease was just about concluding. I have rarely entered a new-car showroom over the past 30 or so years. It was a summer Sunday and I wandered into a nearby Infiniti dealer to see if I could get a rare version of one of their cars. I liked the way it looked and I enjoyed the drive, so why not stick with what works, I thought.

One of the interesting or even compelling things about visiting such a showroom is the opportunity to see the cars in person, being able to touch the automobiles and even sit in them to ascertain the feel and your compatibility with said piece of sophisticated machinery.

Anyway, perhaps I did not look like a serious customer or maybe I was being otherwise profiled. I stood around for an hour until someone sat down with me only to be told the price on the model I wanted was $500 more than I had been paying and that it was on backorder and there would be at least a three-month waiting period for delivery.

That is not what a customer for a new car wants to hear. I spent a lot of time there and essentially came away with nothing. Where was Noson Hecht when I needed him–and why didn’t I think of this before him?

Honcker.com is the cutting-edge way to get into your next car. Remember you might have seen it here first. It is car shopping at your fingertips. It’s the future of driving. v

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