Incoming tourism to Israel continues to break records this summer. In July, 296,000 visitors arrived,  8% more than the corresponding month last year.

Since the beginning of the year, 2 million tourists have come to the country, 7% more than the same period last year and 5% more than in 2010.

According to data published yesterday by the Central Bureau of Statistics, 296,000 visitors arrived in Israel during July 2012, a new record for the month of July and an increase of 8% on July 2011 (274,000 visitors); and an increase of 6% on July 2010. 241,000 of these entries were tourists, an increase of 2% on July 2011 and 1% on July 2010. The average tourist spends US$1320 during his stay in Israel.

The airport authority expects a total of 2.9 million arriving and departing passengers on international flights through Ben-Gurion Airport for all of July and August, which would be 2.3% more than last year. The Security authority said it has beefed up staff at the airport for the summer season.


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