By Rochelle Maruch Miller

Going to the dentist is definitely something to smile about–that is, if he happens to be Dr. Mark B. Bornstein! Known for providing a variety of outstanding dental services, his exemplary customer service sets him apart–the highly individualized attention he accords every patient.

Any dentist can offer dental care; however, it is uncommon to offer no-gag dental impressions when they are needed. Many patients have a heightened gag response, causing even the most basic dental treatment to be a challenge. This is precisely why the more advanced and modern dental practices use digital impressions. Dr. Bornstein uses the TRIOS scanner, a device that stitches together several images of teeth and allows this file to be sent to a lab for fabrication of the dental models. These impressions are more easily tolerated by patients and are more accurate than the traditional method. There is no downside. Since a digital impression does not need to worry about expansion or contraction, the TRIOS scanner can facilitate models to the exact dimensions desired. This allows the dental restoration to fit precisely. Dental restorations that fit require no adjustments, which means the cement used works better, the bite is more comfortable, and the restoration lasts longer.

“We are a Cedarhurst-based family practice and have recently integrated a new technology: a digital scanner that takes a digital impression of your teeth, instead of the traditional gooey goop most people are accustomed to,” Dr. Bornstein explained. “Anyone who has ever had a crown (cap) made by their dentist knows how unpleasant a traditional impression can be. You have to wait several minutes with the impression in your mouth, trying not to gag, all the while drooling all over yourself.”

A digital scanner is faster and eliminates the gagging associated with the traditional method. It is also more accurate and results in a better fitting final dental restoration, fewer remakes, and shorter visits. The scanner is not only for crowns, but can be used for bridges, implant crowns, and retainers. Dentists can therefore eliminate the extra step that comes with visual-shade taking using shade guides. One of the most exciting parts of the scanner is that it automatically maps the shade (color) of teeth, resulting in a much improved esthetic crown.

“If your dentist has ever struggled matching a crown, this technology will virtually eliminate that outcome,” says Dr. Bornstein. As the dentist scans, the TRIOS automatically matches the various shades, and stores all the shade values together with the digital impression.

Another exciting new feature of the TRIOS is that it allows dentists to take high-definition photos as they scan. The HD photos add extraordinary detail levels and make it easier to place the margin line, while additionally providing images for case documentation and communication with patients. The accumulated HD photos are automatically packaged and sent along with the digital impressions.

Conveniently located at 145 Maple Avenue in Cedarhurst, Born to Smile Dental is your home for digital dentistry. Among the many services provided by Dr. Bornstein are crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, as well as a full range of children’s dentistry, all featuring Dr. Bornstein’s signature customer service. Ever on the pulse of the most advanced technology, he has raised the bar with the 3-Shade TRIOS. Simply stated, it’s quick with no discomfort caused by impression grinds. The TRIOS reduces the number of appointments due to fewer retakes, plus it reduces chair time.

You’ll have a perfect smile–and a great deal to smile about–when you are afforded Dr. Bornstein’s superb service at his state-of-the-art practice. To schedule an appointment, please call 516.-295-0081.


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