Third graders at Brandeis performing in their Chanukah play.

Chanukah was off to a festive start at The Brandeis School when the third grade performed a delightful Chanukah play for students and family members on the first day of Chanukah, December 3.

They told the story of Chanukah in both Hebrew and in English—how the Greek king Antiochus forbade the Jews to daven, learn Torah, and keep Shabbat; how the small Jewish army defeated the large Greek army; and how by a miracle a small pitcher of oil lit the menorah in the Beit HaMikdash for eight days. The children sang songs, played instruments, and danced, with the audience clapping along.

Rabbi Saul Haimoff gave a dvar Torah and led everyone in lighting the menorah and saying the blessings. Then the third graders explained how each candle has its own special light — simcha, joy; savlanut, patience; achdut, unity with Israel; chaveirut, friendship; achrayut, responsibility to each other and ourselves; tefilah, prayer for harmony; shalom, peace in Israel; and tikvah, hope for peace and kindness for all.

The third graders also brought the joy and light of Chanukah to older adults when they performed at the New Nautilus Hotel in Atlantic Beach on Tuesday, December 4.


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