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Brandeis School Mural Program and Chagigat Siddur

Skateboards painted by Brandeis students in the mural program were donated to the Freeport chapter of H.E.L.P., a youth program.

The Brandeis School Mural Program

The Brandeis School Mural Program is open for all students in the lower and middle school classes. Each trimester, students volunteer their time during lunch to share creative ideas that help beautify the school and community.

Some of the murals worked on in the past include the elementary school reading room, the music room, a middle school Hebrew classroom, the preschool hallway, and many more. Currently participants in the program are working on adding murals to the library and science lab.

Brandeis First Graders Receive Their Siddurim

The Brandeis School first grade at their Chagigat siddur

First grade students at The Brandeis School were very excited to receive their siddurim at their chagigat Siddur! They stood hand-in-hand as they sang beautiful songs such as Ani Maamin and Barcheinu Avinu. Rabbi Saul Haimoff taught the children that each one of them has a part of Hashem inside of them, a unique neshamah that helps them connect to G-d when they pray.

Each child then received a beautiful Koren Youth Siddur, filled with modern English translations, pictures, and interesting questions and stories, as well as a leather cover with their Hebrew names inscribed on the front. Special thanks to Ken Katz and Morah Ruthie Hirsh for compiling such a phenomenal show.