Ossies DSC_0767 copyMiri made a wish list for her Chanukah presents. Ossie’s Toy Fund wants to make her wish come true because Miri may only have now! Throughout Israel, there are hundreds of children who, like Miri, live with cancer every day. Ossie’s Toy Fund is giving you the opportunity to help these beautiful girls and boys celebrate Chanukah.

Chanukah is a respite from living with the fear that a child with cancer may not survive. Imagine their shining faces when they receive the gift they’ve been waiting for anxiously. That toy can make all the difference in the world for them.

Ossie’s Toy Fund is committed to providing thousands of Chanukah presents to children with cancer and to their siblings. Your partnership will make this happen.

The Ossie Schonfeld Memorial Chanukah Toy Fund was established as a living memorial of the Schonfelds’ beloved father Rav Yosef Zev Avraham Chaim Gita, a’h, whose greatest joy in life was to bring a smile to the face of every person he came in contact with, be it adult or child.

His love for EretzYisrael was deeply rooted in his heart and soul. So what could be a better way to honor and memorialize him than to have a Chanukah Toy Fund for children with cancer in Israel–to light up their lives with the fulfillment of their wish list and inject pure joy once again into their homes!

Ossie’s Toy Fund gives every child the opportunity to submit a wish list of things they would like to receive for Chanukah–ranging from their first to fourth choice. With your support, Ossie’s can make an effort to fulfill the first request of each of these children.

Some years ago, a young boy suffering from cancer sent back his wish list. All four choices were the same–“bike.” The mother was apologetic, but her son was determined. We knew that he would never ride that bike, but for little boys, bikes are about more than just riding them. That Chanukah, volunteers delivered this young boy’s bike amidst tears and smiles.

The process necessary to provide these children with a glimpse of hope is both arduous and demanding. Ossie’s needs supporters from around the world to raise the money. They need to find and order the toys. The toys need to come in time to make it onto the ship. They need to be identified, sorted, and routed for delivery. They need many volunteers. Staff and volunteers work 18 hours–day and night–packing, driving, singing, dancing, delivering Chanukah presents, and celebrating the joy of a child who just wants to be a happy child.

Chanukah requires all the energy of a small staff and a large number of volunteers. Ossie’s Toy Fund prepares for Chanukah all year long. They start early because the children need something special to look forward to. The week after Sukkos is known as “wish-list week.” Children spend months thinking about what they want for Chanukah. To them this is an important decision–one which parents and siblings are a part of, like any other life decision.

Chanukah presents are a huge expense. Without your donations and volunteering, it cannot happen. The fact that it does happen year after year is another miracle of the Festival of Miracles.

There are no words to describe what Ossie’s staff and volunteers experience–what it feels like to celebrate Chanukah in a child’s bedroom, late at night, and to capture that moment in our minds. Seeing the smiles on the faces of these children and the twinkle of hope and joy in their eyes as they put their hands out to accept their gifts gives us all the strength we need to make it through anything.

Until the time when every child has a positive prognosis, Ossie’s mission is clear. Support the families and lend strength by giving them what they don’t have time to think about–Chanukah presents, hope, and happiness.

Donations can be made online at OssiesToyFund.org. They are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit company. Check out the OssiesToyFund YouTube channel to see them in action.

This year’s melavehmalkah benefiting the Ossie Schonfeld Memorial Chanukah Toy Fund will take place on motzaeiShabbos, ParashasVayishlach, December 6, at 8:15 p.m. at the home of Robbie and Judy Schonfeld–850 Broadway in Woodmere. The famous Ossie’s sushi bar and desserts will be served.

Please join in making this Chanukah the best ever–because where there is joy, there is hope! For more information, please call 516-791-2158 or e-mail ossiestoyfund@aol.com.


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