Kingsbridge Center of Israel Rabbi David Jonas said the swastika graffiti tagged on his synagogue in Bronx, New York, was “particularly hurtful” because of the Holocaust survivors it counts as members, including the shul’s president who discovered the hate crime early on Monday morning.

“The act was particularly hurtful given it was on a synagogue, and our president, Jack Kirk, is a Holocaust survivor, as are other members of our congregation. We will assist the NYPD in any way we can to bring the criminals to justice,” he told The Algemeiner.

Rabbi Jonas said this was the first instance of a swastika on the shul and noted the fast response by the police to arrive at the crime scene.

“The NYPD responded quickly, seriously and with genuine concern and outrage. The commanding officer of the local precinct, two detectives, two crime scene documenters, a crime prevention officer, a community liaison, along with a few officers were on the scene within an hour of a 911 report. We are grateful to these fine men and women,” he said.

The police report said that local surveillance cameras were being checked, though no suspects have been arrested yet.

The rabbi added that “it seems to be the act of vandals who also spray painted nearby walls and storefronts with unrelated graffiti.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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