In a partnership of Yeshiva R’tzahd, the youth of the Stars of Israel and the PacPlex, the Chol HaMoed Extravaganza festival is focused on bringing an all-inclusive, price fixed, family friendly celebration at a reasonable price to all Jewish families in the metropolitan area. With a sukkah for davening and learning and another sukkah for families to bring their own food (glatt kosher food and snacks will be available), PacPlex and Yeshiva R’tzahd are striving to make the holiday both enjoyable and inexpensive.

PacPlex (formerly the Paerdegat Athletic Club), Brooklyn’s largest sports, recreational, and entertainment complex is having its first chol ha’moed celebration in the 35+ year history of the club. With four outdoor and two indoor swimming pools, three basketball courts, an indoor soccer field, four racquetball courts, rides, carnival, and video games, entertainment, skating, and so much more, southern Brooklyn has never seen such an extravaganza. v


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