Elihai Ben Yishai, the brother of terror victim Ruth Fogel, said he is ashamed of Israel’s decision to release convicted killers as part of the current ongoing peace talks with the Palestinian Authority.

In a column filed for Israel’s Channel 2 news while encamped outside Prime Minister Netanyahu’s official residence as part of a protest against the pending release of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons, Ben Yishai criticized Israeli leaders. They, “…[have made me] ashamed of my country [and have] repeatedly sunk to new depths of immorality…  the razor sharp message is clear: bloodshed [against Israelis] is permitted,” he said.

“As a Jew, a citizen of Israel, a brother, a reservist, [shame] is the feeling that seizes me these days… I am ashamed on behalf of all those soldiers who made ​​extraordinary efforts to capture the planners and perpetrators of terror — frequently being injured and sometimes even giving their lives as a result,” he wrote.

In March 2011 Ben Yishai’s sister Ruth, her husband Ehud and three of the couple’s children, Yoav, Elad and three-month-old Hadas were murdered in their home during a terror attack in the Israeli town of Itamar.

While praising Israel’s security forces in their ongoing campaign to keep Israelis safe, Ben Yishai strongly criticized the country’s leaders who, “…are showing [these soldiers] that their efforts were in vain, as most of the captured terrorists are to be released.”

Ben Yishai said that at the, “…checkpoint leading to the [Prime Minister’s] residence, there’s a huge canvas that separates the [protest] tent and the  residence… that separates the pain of our people from his decisions.”

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Source: The Algemeiner


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