By Larry Gordon

Early voting is under way at your usual polling places in the assembly district that will decide this race. As mentioned previously, it turns out that two distinguished and sincere members of the Five Towns Orthodox community are facing off against one another in an election that will be decided on Thursday, April 7.

Cedarhurst Deputy Mayor Eric Ari Brown is facing off against Democrat political consultant and Cedarhurst resident David Lobl.

If you read the ads in this edition and have seen the ads in the weeks leading up to the election, you will no doubt observe that this is a contentious race. What it really seems to be coming down to is not an election between two very fine people but a match between Democrats and Republicans, not dissimilar to last November’s election that swept Republicans Bruce Blakeman into the county executive office and Anne Donnelly into the Nassau County DA’s office.

For now, the community seems to be split down the middle. One sector views this election from a perspective of community and which candidate will be best equipped to deliver services to the district. The clear answer is Democrat David Lobl in the assembly where the Democrats hold sway and rule by large majorities. We may not like that, but for now that is the way it is here in New York.

Others, however, insist that regardless of specific community or funding details, it is vital that that we vote Republican if for no other reason than to send a message to national Democrat leadership that we have had it with their bungling ways in just about every sector—from the president to congress to the state and so on.

Some local leaders have argued for pragmatism, in particular when it comes to this race because a Democrat in Albany these days is better equipped to supply his district with services, while leadership in Albany marginalizes Republicans. But pragmatism seems to be gone for now, having been replaced by ideology and partisanship to a damaging and unhelpful extreme. Perhaps someday it will reappear, hopefully sooner than later.

I like both Ari Brown and David Lobl, so I suppose you can say that I am a classic victim of this dilemma. In the past I have reluctantly endorsed Democratic candidates like Kathleen Rice, Todd Kaminsky, and Tom Suozzi. The overall Democrat political philosophy has done terrible damage to our country and our city. Ari Brown says that is the reason not to vote Democrat and he is on the mark.

David Lobl insists that he is not and will not be like the rest of that pack, and he is in good company with Democrats like Simcha Eichenstein in the assembly and Simcha Felder in the senate. If Lobl wins and follows their path, it will be good on many levels.

At the end of the day, it is a difficult choice, and that choice is yours. 


  1. For Lobl, and in fact any Orthodox Jew, to be a member of the Democrat Party as it exists today “because they are the majority” is like worshiping Baal in the times of Queen Jezebel and King Achav because they were in power. It also shows lack of Emunah in Hashem. My mother was murdered and her land stolen by the “frum” Democrats running the Town of Ramapo. The Five Towns should not make the same mistake as those who cemented Monsey into being under the thumb of a modern Jezebel who runs the Democrat political machine in Rockland County. The frum community in Nassau County must demonstrate faith in Hashem to do what is right and reject anyone who associates with the Democrat Party in its current wicked, anti-Torah incarnation. Do not forget the words of Pirkei Avos, “Nittai of Arbel said, distance yourself from a bad neighbor, do not befriend a wicked person, and do not despair of punishment.”


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