Councilman Bruce Blakeman

By Michele Justic

This week it was announced that Nassau Republicans chose Hempstead Councilman Bruce Blakeman to run in the November 2021 election for the role of Nassau County Executive against Democrat incumbent Laura Curran. Both candidates have led the community through difficult times of pandemic, lockdowns, nationwide unrest, economic hardship, snowstorms, and more.

But Councilman Blakeman contends he can improve Nassau County, especially on the highly contested issue of taxes. “I am running for County Executive because I believe the County needs new leadership. The Democrat County Executive’s unfair tax reassessment has increased taxes on so many people. It is a tax increase, plain and simple. Many residents have had their taxes increased by thousands of dollars. There are also hidden taxes that have been added, such as an increase in sewer taxes, which most people don’t realize until they get their tax bill. It’s wrong, especially in a pandemic when so many people are hurting.”

Tax assessments are a heated issue which Curran determined to tackle upon assuming office in 2018. The rolls had been frozen for over eight years and taxpayers faced sticker shock upon receiving their new bills. Many errors were made due to software glitches and unique circumstances.

Blakeman and Curran’s most pronounced differences relate to party allegiance. Nassau Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs considers Blakeman’s support for former President Donald Trump a liability and told Newsday, “Bruce Blakeman needs to answer the question of whether or not he believes the last election was legitimate before he asks Nassau voters to consider him in this next one.”

Blakeman confided to 5TJT, “The Democrat County Executive has been pushing a progressive agenda that thankfully has been temporarily thwarted by the Republicans in the Legislature. If not for our Republican legislators we surely would have seen an effort to defund our police by the Democrat County Executive.”

Both candidates want to help Nassau County residents feel safe and secure and are in regular contact with Jewish and other community leaders to help prevent and solve problems. Blakeman concludes, “I have a proven history of creating economic development and solving problems based on my experience in both the public and private sector. I have the vision and the leadership skills to lower taxes, create prosperity and keep our communities safe. People know me and trust me.” 


  1. B”H
    As befits a self-described Trumpist to me, during his false idol’s ascend to attain national and international shame, Town of Hempstead Councilman Bruce Blakeman affects a Trumpian disregard for proper English usage. Thus, both confuse the noun Democrat for the adjective Democratic, annoyingly so! Thus, incumbent Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, while being a registered Democrat, is the Democratic candidate for re-election November 2, 2021.
    However, there’re more substantive objections to having him be my nominal Republican Party’s standard-bearer to oppose our county chief; who, by every reasonable metric in the challenged COVID-19 period has kept us on an even keel.
    In a time when Republicans in scores of states attempt the reactionary tactic to suppress, and restrict the franchise, the Republican Nassau County Committee, aping the discredited Soviet model of old, has no qualms to deny a role to its registered members; sotto voce, designating the aforementioned undistinguished Councilman to reach the next level of incompetence (already, having vainly tried for a Congressional bid)!
    For decades, the iron-clad hold on our party’s county chair was in the hands of Joseph Mondello; you know, the one who succeeded another Joe (Margiotta, whom I had the misfortune to cross when in 1980, I proposed a moderate —- Howard Baker, George H. W. Bush, Charles Mathias, anybody but the cowboy from the West, the emerging Reagan), and served prison time.
    While Mondello enjoyed becoming Ambassador to the Caribbean island of Trinidad, a sinecure that didn’t much tax his ignorance of geopolitics, he assured that our Nassau Republicans will be saddled by another Joe-the-hack, Cairo!
    In a time when our new, better President is taking giant strides to undo the many political missteps of his malignant-unfit-seditious, and not only, predecessor; while initiating transformative programs that will surpass FDR’s New Deal, and LBJ’s Great Society, it behooves all of us —- independents, Democrats, and Republicans —- to return a compassionate Democrat, Laura Curran, to Mineola. She is sure to have President Biden’s ear, and Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul’s; standing in the wings to assume disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo’s remaining term in Albany. That’s what I call a Better Deal; as is the platform I offer to the Lawrence Public School District on Tuesday, May 11. With fraternal affection,
    Asher, of the United States of Anxiety, less so since January 20, but revived via aforementioned shenanigans!


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