By Larry Gordon –

Barrack Obama at the United Nations on Tuesday unfortunately got it all wrong. No doubt that he is at least partially well-meaning but his miscalculations and his diplomatic bumbling sets this country back and projects an image of American weakness.

He is right when he says that America is war weary and has to see to it going forward that will resist the temptation of getting involved in tribal warfare and other countries internecine disputes that American troops and firepower simply cannot solve. That fact has been established firmly with the experience in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

So America is seeking to disengage to an extent and trying to stand clear of getting bogged down in foreign quagmires. God knows there are plentiful problems here on the home front both economically and socially. And on top of that all that oversees activity cost billions of dollars that we just do not have lying around anymore. In other words we need the money here.

But all that seems to change according to Mr. Obama when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians. Most of committed to truth and integrity understand that the Palestinian objective is to rid the Middle East of the Jewish state. And Obama’s unworkable ideas once again articulated at the UN this week just demonstrate the mindset of a president detached from reality.

Still Mr. Obama speaks about the 1967 lines in Israel which are prescription for further war instead of an imperative that needs to precipitate peace. If the Arabs want peace with Israel they can have it tomorrow. All they have to do if forego the desire to swallow up or dismantle Israel.

The situation with the president and Iran is just unbelievable. Obama, the leader of the free world was virtually panting to get into a photograph with President Rouhani of Iran. The Iranian response was a straight—no how, no way. At the same time Obama did his act about Iran not being allowed by the international community to have Weapons of Mass Destruction. What does he have to back that demand up with, the threat to bomb Syria and then run to hide while trying to pin his weakness on Congress?

This desire to cower and reduce America to begging does not work well on the international stage. Israel knows that it doesn’t work. Obama is learning the hard way.


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