There are seventy plus days to Election Day and the reasons not to vote for Barrack Obama continue to multiply.  It is at times just stunning that Mr. Obama is an incumbent president and it speaks to superficiality of so much of this country that we are in this position in the first place.  But that’s a different story.  The reality is that we are in this spot and we have to be additionally grateful that we possess the mechanism to make a change.

I’ve been viewing some Republican Party promotional pieces at  These pieces feature regular everyday American Jews, they are business people and appear by the things they allude to be somewhat liberal in their politics and approaches to issues.  The thing they all have in common is that they voted for Mr. Obama in 2008.  The additional thing they have in common is that unlike so many American Jews they will not be voting for him again on November 6th.

The reasons for the decisions are legion.  But mostly it is about his comprehensive failures on economic issues as well as worries of how he will conduct himself with Israel in a second administration.  If and when Obama loses the election just watch what he says about Israel once he is politically unshackled.  To borrow a phrase or two from the  Obama campaigns back then and now, we are hoping for some real change going forward.


  1. Its more like a bait and switch not a remorse. He fooled us all and we are all red faced that we had no brains and voted this dumb under qualified Muslim in to office


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