A showcase of talent and friendship: Eighth-grade Shabbaton. Bais Yaakov of Queens was abuzz with activity as teachers and students of the eighth grade prepared for their magnificent Shabbaton. Featuring the timeless theme of “Growing 2gether,” the concept of “tovim hashnayim min ha’echad” truly came to life in a myriad of ways. The students had the unique opportunity to tap into their burgeoning talents while choreographing a dance, baking delectable confections, and harmonizing in a choir all their own. It was an absolute marvel to behold the shimmering centerpieces made solely by creative collaboration. The lunchroom looked ethereal with the backdrop and decorations reflecting the theme of friendship and growth.

The ruach before and during the Shabbaton was palpable, as each girl exuded the excitement and thrill of being part of such a special moment in their graduating year. Perhaps most meaningful was the feeling that they were actually experiencing the message of the theme by working so cooperatively together. A delicious menu was further enhanced by the heartfelt divrei Torah of Rabbi Aryeh Sokoloff, Mrs. Gitty Lipsius, and several Bais Yaakov students as well. Observing such capable and spirited girls utilizing their abilities in so many ways reinforces the sense of pride in the special young ladies they’ve become. This Shabbaton will no doubt be a wonderful memory of their final year in Bais Yaakov.

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