HANC's 2019 kindergarten Cahal class

On Tuesday, June 18, the kindergartners in the Cahal class at HANC thrilled their families, teachers, and school administrators with a Tony Award-worthy performance for their graduation. The 45-minute show was a revue featuring the year’s curriculum in which each child was able to shine. Each one came to the microphone to say their speaking parts as well as sing and dance with their classmates. The nachas that filled the room was palpable, the smiles were broad, and the tears of joy and pride kept flowing. What these children accomplished in just three weeks of rehearsal is just a snapshot of the growth and progress academically, socially, and emotionally that they have achieved this year.

Not only did the kindergartners have a huge impact on their audience on graduation day, but throughout the year they have endeared themselves to everyone in the HANC building. Through a special program that Morah Harris developed in collaboration with the HANC sixth-graders, each morning very special “big sisters and brothers” escort the children to the classroom, settle them into their daily routine, do sensory integration exercises with them, practice reading and check homework, and engage them in creative free play.

Saying goodbye to dear friends was painfully difficult for all, as one of these special young ladies, Adina L., expressed so wholeheartedly in her personal letter to each child:

“It has been a wonderful year spending time with you and watching you learn and grow. I am so lucky and overjoyed that I can get to see you for a glimpse of your day, even if it may be only for one hour, because you are truly such amazing kids with strong personalities. I hope you work hard and try your best in whatever path you take. Every day when I wake up I feel so motivated to get out of bed to come see you even when I am not excited for the rest of the day.

“I will truly miss you so much. I hope to see you again because you will forever be in my heart. You had mesmerizing smiles, cute faces, and amazing personalities. With all the things you learned this year I hope you remember to be nice to others and treat others the way you would want to be treated.”

Cahal kindergartners have surely been blessed with a superior academic curriculum tailored to each child’s individual strengths and needs, with a social/behavior skills program designed to foster personal growth in interpersonal relationships, and a team of dedicated role models like Adina to help pave their way to the mainstream yeshiva education they so richly deserve. Hatzlachah rabbah to all our beautiful graduates as they move forward and upward to the first grade.


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