CAHAL class at Shulamith

CAHAL is proud to announce the opening of its newest pre-1A and first grade girls class at Shulamith School for Girls. A huge hakaras ha’tov is extended to the administrators of Shulamith, including Mrs. Malka Fishman, Mrs. Esther Kirschbaum, Mrs. Joyce Yarmak, and Mrs. Geula Edinger for their efforts and dedication to all the details required in launching this new class.

CAHAL class at Shulamith

Morah Keren Englard and Morah Chavatzelet Graber have welcomed the students with many exciting projects and learning activities in the short time since school began. The students are thrilled to be attending Shulamith. They have had exciting and enjoyable activities with their buddy classes and are so appreciative of the inclusive atmosphere that is demonstrated in the school.

CAHAL, the local yeshiva-based and sponsored community program for children with learning challenges, is now in its 28th year, providing smaller, more individualized classes in the local yeshivas. For more information about the CAHAL program and to donate to this great community organization, contact CAHAL at or call 516-295-3666.


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