At the yeshiva’s Sukkah fair
At the yeshiva’s Sukkah fair

The hanhalah and rebbeim of Yeshiva Darchei Torah frequently facilitate special opportunities to enable their students to truly experience what they are learning. After delving into the first and second perakim in MasechesSukkah, the fourth-grade boys were challenged to build representations of the various sukkos they learned about to display at the annual sukkah fair, coordinated by Rabbi Dovid Morgenstern, menahel of the yeshiva.

Using the specific facts and details that the Cahal boys learned in their mishnayosshiur under the guidance of Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs and Rabbi Dovid Schwartz, each boy chose a case to represent. The boys did their work on their own, and the results were outstanding. Their projects included a sukkah partially covered by tree branches, a sukkah built above another sukkah, one who sleeps under a bed used in a sukkah, and finally, a sukkah built on the back of an almost life-sized giraffe (as there was no large camel available). The boys’ finely designed projects were displayed alongside those of all the other fourth-graders and were viewed by many other students and their families. It was an opportunity for sharing, and one in which each of the boys truly shone. Yasher koach to the Cahal students for a job well done!

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