There is an exciting new program being offered this summer for high-school boys who want to combine serious learning and serious adventure. The latest brainchild of Rabbi Benzion Scheinfeld, the founder of the long-running Camp Kanfei Nesharim program which skis in New Zealand, Camp Chile Masmidim is opening this summer in the South American country of Chile.

Camp Chile Masmidim will be running a three-week program starting right after Tishah B’Av geared towards yeshiva bachurim who want to continue serious learning while at the same time expand their horizons and see and ski the amazingly beautiful country of Chile. The three-week program will have three hours of serious learning each day while also skiing some of the most breathtaking vistas in the world located in the Andes mountains that separate Chile and Argentina.

The camp will start off in the ski area of Valley Nevado, which is located in the mountains right above the Jewish community of Santiago, Chile. Chile Masmidim will be directed by Rabbi Avi Horowitz, a musmach of Ner Yisroel, who has been a rav in Santiago for the past 15 years and who has been largely responsible for the resurgence of Torah Yiddishkeit in the city. Although much of the adventure aspect of the camp will focus on skiing, Camp Chile Masmidim is open to skiers and not-yet-skiers of all levels.

In addition to skiing there will be other adventure activities such as whitewater rafting and volcano climbing, as well as beautiful hiking. Campers will also have opportunities for the regular camp sports such as basketball and tennis. Rabbi Scheinfeld relates that he is “so excited about the prospect of a camp day that combines the beauty of skiing the Andes mountains and the intensity and ruchniyus of serious Torah learning.”

The camp has rented lodges nestled in the beautiful Chilean mountains and he is excited about the prospect of turning those lodges into batei midrash. The camp will be spending two Shabbosos in the mountains, and their final Shabbos will be spent within the Jewish community of Santiago, which has a very active branch of Aish Hatorah.

The camp will be open for boys ages 14 and up as well as to beis medrash bachurim who would appreciate such an environment. There are even opportunities for fathers to come for a few weeks to learn and ski with their sons. There will be an information meeting for Camp Chile Masmidim in the Five Towns area on Tuesday evening, February 26. For more information on this unique camp, please visit or contact Rabbi Scheinfeld at 201-362-0310. v


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