Camp Kaylie at OHEL Color War Rocks Like Never Before!

This year’s Color War was one we will never forget.  And it all started with an announcement no one will ever forget!

During dinner, Head Counselor Rabbi Ahron Rosenthal, unbeknown to campers, dressed up as a member of the Woodridge Marching Band!

The band played some of the Camp Kaylie favorites, and then in the middle of the songs, with campers completely taken by surprise, Rabbi Rosenthal jumped onto a chair with a sign that said “Color War!!”

Campers and counselors literally jumped out their seats and started screaming and cheering — though we believe significantly more screaming!

Captains and generals were called up in front of a cheering and festive room, and the activities began. From Torah Bowl to intense sports to creative artwork projects, there were activities for campers of every interest and passion.

The next two days brought thrilling activities, as campers competed in an array of challenges including races, intense sports games, swim meets and so much more.

The Grand Sing which was the culmination of Color War, was absolutely inspiring to all!

Despite the intense competition, there remained an underlying unity among our campers and staff.

The midot exhibited throughout Color War was inspiring, especially during the closing ceremony where both teams joined in singing each other’s beautiful alma maters. 

Congratulations to the Blue team for their victory, but really to both teams — who were the mutual winners in a legendary Camp Kaylie Color War!!


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