Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz

Ohel’s Camp Kaylie is excited to announce its new Masmidim Program this Summer, which will provide a serious and warm learning environment, surrounded by the beauty and inspiration of Camp Kaylie and its integrated camping environment.

This unique Masmidim program will be open to boys finishing 11th and 12th grade, and in addition to stimulating learning, the exciting program includes great camp activities, competitive sports with organized leagues, guest Shabbat visits from different rabbanim, and interaction with Camp Kaylie campers and staff.

The program is headed by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz, the rabbi of Beis Haknesses of North Woodmere. Rabbi Lebowitz is a popular rebbe at DRS HALB High School, and is also a noted lecturer, drawing large listening audiences on his YUTorah.org shiurim.

Rabbi Lebowitz said about the exciting new program, “As a proud Kaylie parent, it is very exciting for me to be able to actively participate in the Kaylie experience. We look forward to enhance the already outstanding Camp Kaylie atmosphere with a strong group of bnei Torah whose learning and middos will be an inspiration for the entire camp.”

Camp Kaylie’s director, Eli Brazil, said about the exciting new program, “we are very excited to welcome Rabbi Lebowitz to Camp Kaylie. He brings with him not only a tremendous wealth of Torah, but an excitement and energy that relates to campers and students of all ages.”

That’s just the beginning! Camp Kaylie is also excited to announce the latest addition to its Summer 2014 team–The head of its fitness and dance department, Arielle Sheinbein. Arielle is a popular teacher at YNJ, and is a well-respected group fitness instructor. Arielle brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and she is warmly and enthusiastically welcomed to Camp Kaylie.

Arielle has an exceptional ability to connect with her students, and said about her new position, “While I lead the classes and teach, I truly love connecting with my students and making them feel good about themselves. Exercise is a great way to feel good and strong and I love to be part of that process. Everyone can do it and I know we will have a blast at Camp Kaylie!”

For more information about Ohel’s Camp Kaylie, and to read all about the latest updates, please visit us at www.campkaylie.org, call 718-686-3261 or contact Camp Kaylie at info@campkylie.org. v


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