Since its inception over 43 years ago, under the leadership of Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum, zt’l, Camp S’dei Chemed has put great emphasis on good middos and character development. They were fortunate to have had a wonderful group of campers this summer. Their campers come from diverse backgrounds and learn from one another with mutual respect and love. The winners this summer displayed extraordinary amounts of kindness and sensitivity to others. S’dei Chemed salutes them for their exemplary middos, unsurpassed derech eretz, and the great kiddush Hashem they made wherever they traveled. May they be role models for all others to follow.

Boys Division: Ronnie Sugerman (Lincolnwood, IL—Fasman Yeshiva), Uri Arnson (Baltimore—Ohr Yaakov), Binyamin Wallin (Woodmere—Rambam Mesivta), Moshe Langermann (Baltimore—Ner Yisroel), Eitan Mimouni (Geneva, Switzerland—Jewish Day School), Ben Silverstein (Lawrence—Rambam Mesivta), Daniel Miller (West Hempstead—Rambam Mesivta), and Gavriel Sturm (Woodmere—Mesivta Ateres Yaakov).

Girls Division: Chavi Charlap (Woodmere—TAG High School), Devora Goldschmidt (Zurich, Switzerland—Machon Chen), Tirzah Weill (Teaneck—Manhattan High School), Leah Unger (Lawrence—Bais Yaakov of Queens), Chava Frand (Baltimore—Bais Yaakov of Baltimore), Tehilla Faiman (Monsey—Bais Yaakov of Monsey), Ariel Schwartz (Hamilton, Ontario—Hamilton Hebrew Academy), Ariella Mermelstein (Los Angeles—Bais Yaakov of L.A.), Esti Novoseller (Efrat, Israel—Ulpana Rosh Tzurim), Ruchama Pliner (Toronto—Bais Yaakov Toronto).


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