Founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Carmel Winery rapidly earned its place as Israel’s leading winery. In the 138 dramatic years that have passed since its founding, Carmel is proud not to have missed a single vintage. It is Israel’s largest wine producer and a top exporter of kosher wines to the United States.

Today, Carmel Winery cultivates grapes in the finest wine regions of Israel with 108 family-run vineyards, and operates four wineries: the Central Winery in Zichron Yaacov, the Elon Tavor Winery in the Galilee, Kayumi Winery in Upper Galilee, and the Yatir Winery at Tel Arad in the Negev.

Bottles of Carmel wines now grace the tables of nearly every home in Israel, enhancing feelings of joy, warmth, openness, and optimism that accompany traditional Friday evening family dinners and throughout the year.

Nadav Arens Arad, CEO of Carmel Winery, said, “Carmel Winery, one of the companies most deeply-rooted in the Israeli experience and culture, is looking ahead and adapting to changing realities and consumer preference, while never forgetting its past and tradition, leveraging the advantages of its unique heritage.”

This month saw Carmel Winery and their U.S. distributor, Royal Wine Corp., host industry professionals and media in an exclusive food and wine pairing event at Brooklyn’s newest hot spot for fine kosher dining, MEAT. The evening’s menu was especially crafted for the occasion by MEAT’s renowned chef Reem Look, in concert with Carmel’s Chief Winemaker Yiftah Perets.

The event was planned to celebrate Carmel’s new, striking branding as well as to launch a variety of new wines that will appeal to everyone from the casual drinker to the most discriminating oenophile.

Following the highly successful implementation of its new branding strategy in Israel, which was rewarded by significant sales growth, Carmel has now launched its bold new look in the United States. Arens Arad said: “In the past year we’ve gained 2.5% in market share, for a total of over 30% of Israeli wine sales. In light of the successful launch of our new brand strategy in Israel, and in view of our 2020 planned initiatives in Israel and in the U.S., we foresee considerable growth in our future.”

Arens Arad explained: “Carmel’s new branding initiative was developed only after careful market research into consumption habits in the wine sector. Our aim was to link strong brand values with the winery’s purpose and mission — to encourage more ‘wine moments’ on any occasion and to enhance joyful times among family and friends with wines of the highest quality.

“The new branding starts with the winery’s historic spies symbol and golden medal, representing Carmel’s quality standards and expertise, now distinctively embossed in metal at the top of the label. This maximizes synergy between the prestigious Carmel Winery logo and our various product-lines, while allowing consumers to identify Carmel’s wines at a glance. The new branding will be rolled out for all our accessible product lines, including Selected, Private Collection, and Appellation over the course of the coming year.”

Yiftach Peretz said: “As the chief winemaker of Carmel Winery, I’m proud of the close teamwork and strong interface with our viniculture operations’ 108 vineyard families, with my winemakers team and employees in the wine department. The fruits of our collaboration will definitely be enjoyed by consumers appreciating the best quality wines available at any price tier and in every one of our labels. My hope is that they will be enjoyed with dinner and on all occasions and holidays.”

All wines from Carmel Winery are certified kosher by B’datz Mehadrin, under the supervision of Rabbi Rubin. To learn more about Carmel Winery, please visit


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