By Anessa V. Cohen

I do not usually recommend books in my column, but I am making an exception. Catch the Jew! is written by Tuvia Tenenbom, a journalist from the German newspaper Die Zeit. His editor sent him to Israel to uncover a new human-interest story to present to the German readers. He provided him with a Swiss camera crew and a variety of introductions to both Palestinian and Israeli personalities, with the goal of finding something new and eventful to write about.

Tuvia begins his journey interviewing of a variety of these personalities. He came upon more and more questions, leading to the uncovering of vast networks of European and American NGOs interwoven throughout Israel and the West Bank and Gaza whose sole purpose is to promote the “ugly, racist, and abusive Jews of Israel.”

If anyone thought this was just a small number of foreigners coming into Israel and getting lost, the information that he reveals in his book is mind-boggling. Ironically, the actors themselves blatantly volunteer the information to him. (He interviews them as Toby the German-Christian.) After reading this, we must challenge all people who love Israel to pressure their congressmen and senators to do something about those in the United States who are being funded billions of dollars to encourage this behavior.

Many of the people interviewed by Tenenbom are characters familiar to most of us out there–from both sides of the fence. With a sardonic humor, he tells the story of the new type of anti-Semitism he uncovers in these NGOs. He creates an awareness that these groups are being sent and funded by various European governments (largest monies are coming from Germany). He exposes the sheer hypocrisy and blatant anti-Semitism displayed by non-Jews supporting these organizations and Jewish radical leftists who are arranging funding.

When the book was published, some of these leftist circles wanted to challenge its validity and tried to blacken the author’s reputation so as to lessen the impact of what he has written. But because of his documentation and videotaped evidence, none of the radical left-leaning newspapers that supported these Jewish and non-Jewish NGO groups were successful in suppressing the work. They had to settle for pretending it does not exist and omitting any mention of the book’s existence.

This book is available at Blue Door Books as well as on Amazon. Catch the Jew! was a number-one bestseller in Israel and Germany; it is also published in Hebrew and German. v

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