Activism Through AIPAC

By Dr. Alex Sternberg My family and I recently spent five days in Washington D.C., attending the annual AIPAC Policy Conference. This is the fourth AIPAC Policy Conference we’ve attended,...

An SKA Chanukah Party In February

It’s Purim time but for the 10-2 students of the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls it seemed like Chanukah! Every year, SKA’s Chanukah Auction offers a unique...

Aleh Transforms Jerusalem Marathon Into Celebration Of Disability Inclusion

On Friday, March 9, ALEH, Israel’s foremost network of care for children with severe complex disabilities, transformed the 8th annual Jerusalem Marathon into a celebration of disability inclusion and...

A Change of Seasons?

Gabriel Boxer, a k a The Kosher Guru, reports on his blog that the Seasons supermarkets are in financial trouble. Customers have reported that meats were missing from the refrigerated section and...

From the Editor: Remembering Greatness

This article is about people with vision and determination who inspired us and made a difference in the way we live, breathe, and think. Over the next ten days,...

Securing Children’s Success With Tefillos At Kever Shlah HaKadosh

By Yoel Krausz Year round, yidden flock to the kever of the Shlah HaKadosh, renowned for Tefillas HaShlah, to daven for the success of their children. We all turn to...

Graduates Celebrate Touro’s Lander Colleges Commencement

Rain couldn’t dampen the smiles when Touro’s Lander Colleges celebrated their 44th annual commencement at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall. 614 students graduated with bachelor’s degrees and 111 students...

A Letter To Five Towns Teens

Back To Basics By Rabbi Tuvia Teldon Living in Suffolk County for the past 40 years has given me a unique outsider’s view of the transition the Five Towns has undergone...

Inwood Kollel Connections

Rav Boruch Levi Feivelson spent a poignant Shabbos as a special guest at Bais Tefila of Inwood. Rav Feivelson is the rosh kollel of Kollel Derech Chaim in Yerushalayim,...

Heard in the Bagel Store: Power Of Speech

  The Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation and the 5 Towns Jewish Times have at least one fundamental thing in common — our business is words. We spent last Shabbos in...

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IDF Officer Wounded by Palestinian Sniper: I Was Saved by a Miracle

IDF Lieutenant Bar Vaknin of the elite Givati Brigade declared on Sunday that he was saved by a miracle after being shot in the...

Groups Demand U of Michigan Sanction Educators Advocating BDS

Nearly 60 organizations called on University of Michigan president Mark Schlissel to sanction professors at the public research university who engage in the BDS movement. They...

Israeli Report Shows How Syrian Fire Took Down Russian Plane

Following an urgent meeting between Israeli and Russian military officials after the downing of a Russian spy plane over Syria, a 40-page report reveals...

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