YOSS Offers Torah Miles for Middos Tovos

The Torah Miles Program at YOSS is an incentive-based program that focuses on three areas. In Bachurei Chemed, students earn miles for being held in high esteem for their...

In the Halls of HAFTR

HAFTR Middle School Prepares for Shabbat Project During the week leading up to The Shabbat Project, all HAFTR students, from early childhood through high school, got involved in the preparations...

Shabbat Project at HANC

{IMG Naomi Ross leads Challah Bake at HANC {Caption: Naomi Ross leads Challah Bake at HANC {IMG HANC boys at Challah Bake {Caption: HANC boys at cholent cook-off {IMG HANC girls at Challah...

DRS Senior–Freshman Mentoring

  High school is hard. And when you are starting your high school experience as a ninth-grader, it can seem impossible to deal with. The answer? Seniors! DRS’s Senior–Freshman Mentoring...

Bnos Bais Yaakov’s Tichon Meir Moshe High School Open House

Over 100 eighth-grade students and their parents flocked to Bnos Bais Yaakov’s Tichon Meir Moshe open house last week to get a taste of TMM’s unique brand of chinuch...

PSEG Presents Resource Force at HAFTR

Learning Energy Conservation in New Comedy Show Sponsored by PSEG Long Island. It’s not every day the words “improvisational comedy” and “energy conservation” are used in the same sentence....

Bus Safety at HALB Lev Chana

HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center recently conducted bus safety sessions for the four-year-old nursery and kindergarten children. In cooperation with Independent Bus Company, and with the assistance of...

NY’s New Education Regulations Are Vital for Hasidic Children

By MIRIAM MOSTER NEW YORK (JTA) — On our first date nearly nine years ago, my (now) husband resolved to improve Hasidic education. He had grown up in the Belz Hasidic community...

District 15 Leaders Search for Answers to Busing Complaints

By Michele Justic For many Lawrence District residents, the idyllic feeling of watching one's children leaving for school on a bright, yellow school bus has been eclipsed by driver shortages,...

Big Week at Shulamith High School

Shulamith High School began the week with chayalim from El Ami, an organization for injured IDF soldiers, speaking to the students and sharing their stories along with a presentation....
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Germany to Donate $66 Million to Auschwitz Museum

BY TOBY AXELROD BERLIN (JTA) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, making her first visit to Auschwitz, pledged an added 60 million euros — or $66 million...

NY AG Confronts Discrimination Against Hasidim in Orange County

A town in the Hudson Valley has been accused by Letitia James — the state of New York’s attorney general — of engaging in...

Einsatzkommando Interpreter Has Canadian Citizenship Revoked

BY DAVID LAZARUS MONTREAL (JTA) — The Supreme Court of Canada court declined to hear the appeal of a former Nazi who is facing deportation after...

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