HANC High School Joins Jews Around the Globe With Shabbos Project

By Courtney Isler HANC students joined thousands around the world, excitedly participating in the “Shabbos Project.” The high-school girls baked and braided challah from scratch, performing the mitzvah of hafrashat challah —...

HANC High School Girls Commemorate Yahrzeit Of Rachel Imeinu

On Friday, October 19, the 10th of Cheshvan, the high-school girls at HANC were treated to an outstanding program titled “Seeing Beyond Yourself.” The inspiring program, prepared by Director...

DRS Annual Open House A Success!

  This past Sunday, the DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys was filled to capacity at the school’s annual open house. DRS hosted nearly 200 prospective students and their parents...

G.O. Breakout At Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam

  The Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam G.O. heads were introduced at the assembly which was held for Rochel Imeinu’s yahrzeit. Shoshie Firestone and Avigail Levine, working under the direction of...

Shulamith Middle Division “Monkeys Around” On Achdut Trip

By Yael Szlafrock, Grade 8 Last Wednesday, the students and faculty of the Shulamith Middle Division dropped their books and ventured off to Adventure Park in Wheatley Heights, Long Island....

Kathleen Rice Inspires Students At Shulamith

By Aliza Zilberberg, Grade 8 Representative Kathleen Rice visited Shulamith School and addressed the students of grades 7-12. As a voice in Congress who advocates for Israel, Rep. Rice, D-N.Y.,...

Congresswoman Kathleen Rice Pays Third Visit To Rambam

  Since its inception, Rambam Mesivta has always promoted political awareness and activism as part of its educational program. Students have been fortunate to have heard from many elected officials...

Midterm Candidates Come To Rambam

In the lead up to the midterm elections, candidates took time from their busy schedules to speak to students in Rambam Mesivta and answer their questions. Senate hopeful Chele Farley...

Shulamith High School Of Long Island Hosts Open House

They registered, grabbed a program and a goodie bag, found their seats, and for the next few hours, were completely blown away. We’re talking about the guests at Shulamith’s...

Running To Do Chesed In My Backyard

Just three years ago, a group of people in our community decided to step up for the community. At that point, Achiezer had been servicing the community for eight years...

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Bennett-Netanyahu meeting ends in decision for new elections

By URI BOLLAG After Prime Minister Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett concluded their meeting it became clear that Israel will hold early elections. A date...

US to vote ‘No’ instead of abstain on UN resolution about Golan

(JTA) — The United States will vote “No” on a UN resolution criticizing Israel’s control of the Golan Heights instead of abstaining as it...

US Air Force concludes international conference in Israel

(Arutz Sheva) - The US Air Force held its F-35 UGWG (Users Group Working Group) in Israel this past week. This is the second year...

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