Dating Forum: Is It Really Over?

Question: I was dating someone for a long time, but we broke up. He was very wishy-washy about everything. He couldn’t plan anything, and while we were dating, we ended...

Mindbiz: How To Deal With Overwhelming Worry

Dear Esther, I’ve always been very sensitive, but I thought that by the time I’d get to the age I am now, my life would be simpler and I’d have...

Yid Parenting: Shul Talk

Thank you for all the work you put in to your parenting blog. The issue I’m having is not with my children, but with other children. In shul on...

Dating Forum: Marry the Daughter, Not the Parents?

Question Things were going very well with the girl I’m dating — until I met her family. It’s not just her family that turns me off; it’s that when she...

Mindbiz: Afraid of Going It Alone

Dear Esther, I knew pretty early on that my marriage was a big mistake. I don’t think Nate and I were ever really happy. Despite that, we stayed together, had...

Yid Parenting: The Homework Headache

  Question: This is the first time I’m writing in to a column, so please bear with me. I have an issue with homework. When my kids come home from school,...

Real Estate with Anessa: A Flooded Market

Since Superstorm Sandy, Five Towns homebuyers have been much more diligent in checking the location of any home they might consider on the updated flood maps that FEMA has...

News From the Hills: Tragedy and Loss to Empathy and Compassion

  I read a short story the other day. The story was a simple one, but in that simplicity, the author connected with the reader. Through vivid narrations and descriptive...

Dating Forum: Growing Apart in Love or Hashkafa?

Question: I come from a Modern Orthodox family as does the guy I’m dating. We both went to co-ed schools and camps. We actually met in camp while we still...

Dating Forum Sneak Peak: Growing Out Of Love

They started off on the same path but now they are growing apart. Was the path too long to start with or are they too different now? Learn more...

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Fourth Grade Girls At Shulamith Celebrate Navi

The fourth grade students of Shulamith School for Girls reached a momentous milestone in their lives last week as they each received a brand...

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The first grade classes of Shulamith School for Girls were delighted by their visit to Green Meadows Farm. Having just completed a unit of...

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In anticipation of Election Day and as part of Central’s new Civic Spirit program, Central hosted its first ever Town Hall. Distinguished guests State...

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