Dating Forum Sneak Peak: Bad Friends

5TJT Columnist Baila Sebrow answers a single woman concerned about her boyfriend's friends. When should someone put their loved one above their friends? Read the full column this week...

Yid Parenting: Sibling Drama

  Question: You wrote a long time ago that siblings fight. We’re OK with our kids fighting once in a while. What bothers us is when they fight verbally. They...

Weekly Kvetch: Great Expectations

A colleague, who is also a social worker, told me that in order for him to be happy, calm, and hopefully, healthy, he just doesn’t have any expectations. When...

Real Estate with Anessa: Gridlocked

I have already lost count of the number of years that have gone by with unfulfilled promises by government representatives across the spectrum about the plans for completing Nassau...

Dating Forum: Satisfied With Single Life?

Question: I’m writing to bring to light some issues my friends and I have experienced over time. I hope your insight will help all those in similar situations. As an older...

Mindbiz: Grandmother-in-Waiting

Dear Esther, I waited a really long time for my daughter to get married. I also have two sons, one of whom is married and moved close to his in-laws...

Dating Forum Preview: Let The Good Times Roll

In this week's Dating Forum in the 5TJT, Baila Sebrow answers a question on everyone's minds - are singles having too much fun to "settle down"? Read her response...

Yid Parenting: Teens And Their Devices

Question:  I’ve been reading your e-mails for quite some time now. I’ve noticed that most questions are regarding younger children. Although I have a few young kids, my question is...

Real Estate with Anessa: Paper Protection

I am sure many have memories of hearing their parents talking about important papers that were put away in a special place, separate from everything else in the house. These...

Yid Parenting: Play Ball!

  My 9-year-old son is very unique — he hates sports. He is content playing with Lego all day and refuses to go outside and play with his friends. I’m...

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Rep. Suozzi Outlines Approach To Middle East Policies

Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-L.I. | Queens) made the following statement after two of his amendments were accepted into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)....

Louisiana Becomes 25th State to Prohibit Anti-Israel Business

Louisiana Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards issued an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting his state government from doing business with companies that boycott Israel. “The...

Night Flower, Chapter 9 Part IV

By Esther Rapaport Shimon and Nachman walked out of the beis midrash at the end of night seder. As usual, they had all recited two...

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