Yid Parenting: Fit For Royalty

Question: I’m a ten-year-old girl writing this letter (with help from my mother). My parents want me to dress in a way that they say is tznius, and I’m unhappy...

Real Estate with Anessa: Redirected

  My husband went to a shiur the other night and came back with a story that I thought I would share. The rabbi giving the shiur wanted people to...

Mindbiz: Dealing With the Difficulties of Yom Tov

  Dear Esther, With the yomim tovim over, I’m having a very hard time shaking this feeling that I’ve felt from Rosh Hashanah and on. There have been many years when...

Parenting: Working Your Way Out of a Job

By Dvorah Levy, LCSW I had been lamenting to friends about my empty nest until, over the summer, two birds, weeks apart, found their way into my home. I then...

News From the Hills: Living the Best We Can

Although I started writing this while we were still in Israel, we returned on Sunday morning and I finished it up in the States. It’s hard to believe that...

Dating Forum: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?

Question: I’m a mature man who has been dating for many years. Every woman I ask out will say that I treat her like gold. I take them to museums,...

Real Estate with Anessa: Israel’s One-Stop Shop

There are plenty of quirky places to explore in Israel if you are looking for options beyond the regular touristy places most people gravitate to. Before I share with you...

Dating Forum: Feeling Pressured Into a Shidduch

Question: I don’t know what’s left for me to do for my daughter. I won’t praise her in this forum, because I don’t want you to think that it’s because...

Yid Parenting: Spanking As Discipline

Question: My husband and I were wondering if you could shed some light on an issue we’ve been discussing. My husband’s parents believed in slapping their kids when they...

Mindbiz: Grown Son, Family Coming Back to Roost

Dear Esther, My husband and I have been empty-nesters for the past four years. Unlike some couples who find their new lifestyle kind of lonely with their children out of...

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Arizona Amends Anti-BDS law

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill on Tuesday to amend the state’s law prohibiting public contractors from boycotting Israel. The 2016 anti-BDS bill was...

Passover Seder to Be Celebrated in Former Warsaw Ghetto

For the first time since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, some 100 Diaspora Jewish families will celebrate the Jewish festival of redemption in the heart...

19 Ways You Know It’s Passover in Israel

If you’ve never heard an Arab calling out “alter zachen” (“old things”) in Yiddish, then you’ve never experienced pre-Passover preparations in Jerusalem. It’s part...

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