Yid Parenting: Reaching the Benchmark

  Question: My 8-and-a-half-year-old son has recently become disinterested in davening and bentching. When I try to let him know (without pressuring) that “It’s time to bentch now,” or “Let’s...

Mindbiz: Should I Be Straight About My Mother?

Dear Esther, I grew up feeling as though I must have been adopted. I had (and still have) very little in common with my mother, and she had absolutely no...

Mindbiz: Why Is My Wife So Bossy?

Dear Esther, I recently got married after being divorced for six years. My divorce took so much out of me that, for a number of years, I didn’t even consider...

Malkie Hirsch: Circles of Simcha

  “So, who’s coming to hakafos?” asked my father as he got ready to leave for shul on Simchas Torah night. “Rosie’s going to bed in a few minutes and I...

Dr. Lightman: Walking And Driving With Caution

  By Hylton I. Lightman, MD, DCH (SA), FAAP Dr. Richard Friedman of Cedarhurst, a respected surgeon and founder of a Manhattan branch of the Hatzalah ambulance service, was struck and...

I’m Not Strong Alone

By Malkie Hirsch “You’re so strong.” Am I? Why? Because G-d chose that we would go through such an immense tragedy? Because I get out of bed every day and make things as normal...

My Journey: Set Up the Singles

  In the world of shidduchim, I think that singles are looking out for themselves. They don’t tend to think of their friends and who they can set them up...

Yid Parenting: Readers Respond to ‘Dose Of Reality’

  Rabbi Ross, I’m very disappointed by the unscientific and shallow response after the tremendous introduction suggesting much research was done (Yid Parenting: Innoculate Against Lies, May 7, 2019). On the...

Life After 50!

When I was young, my classmates and I had birthday parties each year. Some of us had “fancier” parties, perhaps in a hall, while others had parties at home....

Real Estate With Anessa: Due Credit

When was the last time you checked to see what kind of credit scores you rated with the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian)? For those of you...
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Iron Dome Moved South Following Gaza Border Incident

Tensions along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip erupted on Sunday, with the Israeli Air Force striking the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group after...

Sanders Says He Will Skip AIPAC Conference

JNS.org – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary, announced on Sunday that he will skip the annual AIPAC Policy Conference...

200 Israelis Quarantined After Contact With South Korean Tourists

JNS.org – At least 180 Israeli students have been put in isolation after coming in contact with a group of South Korean tourists to...

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